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Valley of stars is so well-loved, in part thanks to its deep lore, as well as its intriguing characters and fun gameplay. The charming town of Pelican is home to a wide array of mysteries and secrets, and Valley of stars manages to weave magical elements into the farming simulation to the right extent. The level of detail that has gone into the design of this game causes some events to be so rare that players may never encounter them, like lightning bolts or the witch replacing chicken eggs with empty ones. The rarity of these events adds its own magic to the game, and not all of them have easy explanations.

Such an event that had Valley of stars fans debating its origin is the appearance of a green creature in the sea. This creature gazes out above the water, with only its green head and eyes visible. He appears next to Willy’s dock and the player is unable to catch him or interact in any way. There is no definitive answer as to what this green sea creature is, or if its role will be expanded in future updates, but there are plenty of theories based on the game’s knowledge as to what could be This thing. Anyway, this is one of those special events in Valley of stars it makes the game so engaging, and finding this mysterious creature is very much dependent on luck.

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Mermaids in the Stardew Valley

mermaid of the valley of stars

By far the most popular theory is that the creature is some sort of mermaid or mermaid. This idea is reinforced by the fact that the wizard explicitly mentions the sirens of the Luau, while also mentioning their contempt for people who throw garbage in the water. This has led some players to believe that throwing trash in the water would help summon the creature, but it actually has no effect on whether the creature spawns or not. Mermaids, as the wizard says, are curious about the player.

Of course, there are two known mermaids in Stardew Valley, one at the night market and one on Ginger Island. These mermaids resemble more typical representations of mermaids, like beautiful, half-fish women. The Green Sea Creature looks nothing like these mermaids, but some have speculated that this may be because they are the male equivalent of the female mermaids seen in the game.

Mermaid mythology stretches across many cultures, but in some, like Irish myth, male mermaids are described as less attractive than females (hence the reason mermaids seek human companions). So, there is precedent for assuming that different genera take different forms when it comes to mermaids, and maybe this creature is the same species as mermaids but hides underwater due to its appearance.

Creature from the Deep

star valley sea creature

The other bigger theory about the green creature that appears is that it is simply an unknown deep sea entity that occasionally peeks over the water in Pelican Town. The game clearly shows as the player progresses that their hard work attracts the attention of a variety of magical beings, and perhaps this creature is just one of the mysterious forces that the player does. notices that in the world of Stardew Valley.

Since the sea creature always spawns at Willy’s Dock, it’s possible that there is a connection between the two. Ultimately though, the sea creature is currently just a random event right now, but admittedly it’s pretty cool. While the player cannot interact with the sea creature at this time, that does not mean that its role in Valley of stars will not be developed in the future. As one of the rarest events in the game, players can just catch a glimpse of it if they get the chance.

Valley of stars is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Mobile.

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