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David Mamet is known for pieces like Glengarry Glen Ross and Accelerate the plowmovies like The Spanish Prisoner and Flightbooks like On making movies and The naughty sonand as of last week, a short story about a lost airplane pilot was filed as a legal brief supporting social media regulation in Texas.

Mamet’s amicus memoir is called “Lessons from Aerial Navigation” and since it’s two pages, you really should go read it. Here is a sample of the prose:

The map is not the territory. Territory is territory. The pilot’s response to the question “Where am I?” is not on the map, but on the windshield. That’s where he is. No matter where he calculated he should be, the territory below him is where he is.

In case you were wondering, the map is a metaphor for the internet. The implicit legal argument is that social media platforms have distorted “the map” by moderating content in a way that Mamet – a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, who has been banned from major platforms – s oppose it. In response, Mamet supports HB 20, a currently blocked Texas law that aims to discourage web services from moderating conservative posts and users. This becomes a little more explicit later:

Navigation requires the correct use of tools. The confused citizen has a map. But, if he worked from his observations, he might find that he cannot find his position represented here.

Looking out, he might, for example, see a free, prosperous and good country, in which there was little real poverty, little racism and no “systemic” racism, where minorities and women, rather than be discriminated against, were treated preferentially. (This belief may be correct or incorrect, but unless we prefer a ministry of truth, the belief is his and he is surely entitled to it.)

Referring then to his “information”, the citizen might not be able to correlate it with his observations. He knew where he was because he had just looked around. But he found no corresponding position on his map.

But along the way, you may also find diversions like an etymology lesson referencing Greek mythology:

I report as an outdoorsman that the panic is real. It is the loss of the spirit and the will of Pan, the god of the woods. The affected loses his mind and runs without recognizing the actual signs (a road, his own footprints), which could lead him back to safety.

Mike Masnick of Techdirt dissected Mamet’s argument (which includes a non-fictional preface) as well as his decision to protect legal deposit – something that is theoretically possible but quite rare. To sum up, Mamet’s logic relies on a partial government ban on moderation by private companies as a safeguard against government censorship, somewhat dubiously calling web platforms “the companies that control the channels of information, and are privileged and subsidized by the government”.

At the risk of stating the obvious: a judge is unlikely to be swayed by a legal brief that does not include any actual legal references or arguments. On the other hand, if state legislatures are to force me to keep covering up ill-conceived and possibly unconstitutional laws on social media, I’m not going to personally complain about writers who throw flowery allegorical prose into the mix.

God Of War 2018’s Kratos Saved Sony’s Franchise From Irrelevance Sun, 13 Feb 2022 19:00:00 +0000

The original God of War formula played around the time of Ascension’s release, but Kratos became the crux of the series’ reimagining in 2018.

The soft restart for God of the war in 2018 marked a new era for the long-running PlayStation-exclusive franchise, and its most significant reinvention was a new Kratos, who saved God of the war impending insignificance. Kratos had, like the series as a whole, become obsolete over time Ascent published. Although new features appeared in each game, God of the war had not matured properly. In 2018, a change of scenery and a character overhaul of Kratos took the series to new heights, preventing it from becoming a relic of the PS2 and PS3 era.

Including both PlayStation Portable games, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Spartathe God of the war The series featured six games featuring Kratos’ destructive antics across mythological ancient Greece. With Kratos’ revenge on the Olympians completely complete at the end of God of War IIIthere were no more convincing leads, which required that Ascent be a prequel. Main console entries in particular are still great hack-and-slash games, but even despite tragic stories and mythological scenarios, Kratos has remained a fairly flat character.


Related: Why God Of War’s Dead Keep Rising

Kratos’ lingering rage was enough to carry the games for six entries, but the series was clearly at a standstill by the time Ascent released in 2013. God of the war had a certain brand of machismo that was no longer fashionable. The beginning armament of war the games are cut from the same cloth, with gratuitous violence and plenty of swearing thanks to the exceptionally muscular male protagonists. Next to every gruesome murder Kratos commits, God of the war had a reputation for including a sex mini-game in every entry before Ascent, still featuring several topless women. The series hasn’t shied away from his overbearing masculinity, and there’s certainly room for discussion about how this behavior reflects Kratos’ traumatic past, but it’s hard to imagine similar content meeting anything other than that. an uncomfortable confusion in a newer game.

Kratos became a much better character in 2018’s God Of War

Kratos became a much more dynamic character in God of War in 2018, helping to elevate the series beyond its roots

Kratos was never a bad character per se, he was just pretty one-dimensional. The voice acting is perfect for both versions of Kratos, but the newer one has a much more nuanced personality. During the Greek Saga, pretty much all Kratos did was scream and kill. The story is certainly personal, but the player does not have the opportunity to see Kratos evolve, since he is always singularly busy with revenge. God of the war2018’s transition from Norse Mythology reinvented the series and brought with it a more compelling Kratos. Disillusioned with the deity, Kratos wants to quietly raise his son to avoid the same violent fate. Leaving behind Greece and the remaining Olympians, the last God of the war forces Kratos to confront the trauma that was little more than an emotional undercurrent in the first six games.

The entire game has been revamped from top to bottom, but a dynamic new Kratos is its most important element. Kratos’ journey from Greek mythology to Norse mythology is a literal departure from the setting of older games, but also a symbolic opportunity to explore new narrative territory. 2018 God of the war still got a Mature rating for blood and gore, intense violence, and foul language, but there’s no nudity or sexual themes throughout the game. Kratos is older, wiser, and much more balanced . The series as a whole took a similar turn toward more mature storytelling, centering on Kratos’ second attempt at fatherhood and the unrealized consequences of his past. God of the war might have gracefully faded from the spotlight as a product of its time, but the latest installment deftly pivoted to use Kratos as a vehicle for a thoughtful, story-driven experience.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Duplicate Pokemon Glitch Graphic Voltorb

Arceus Legends: How to Make Shiny Pokemon Duplicate Glitch

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Brother of slain jewelry worker laments: cowardly killers Mon, 07 Feb 2022 04:31:12 +0000


ANDY Alberto Macias-Hosein was a college professor who left his native Venezuela to seek a better life for his wife and son in Trinidad.

On Saturday he was killed at his workplace, a jewelry store, on High Street, San Fernando.

Macias-Hosein earned $3 a month in Venezuela. He got a BSc in Spanish, Literature, Latin with a major in Greek Mythology and was waiting for accreditation to get a TT teaching job.

While he waited, he worked wherever he found to support his family back home.

On Sunday, his brother Kenny said he was doing just that on Saturday when he was shot in the back by the men who robbed Ketan Jewellers.

“The human body is trained to do two things: stand still or run. My brother chose to flee, he did nothing wrong, and for that he was killed. Shot in the back by a coward.

He said Macias-Hosein was no threat to anyone.

“Andy wasn’t a bad person. He was just trying to make an honest dollar.

The four men who entered the High Street place of business, smashed a shop window and escaped with an undisclosed amount of jewellery, killing Macias-Hosein in the process.

A man from La Romaine has been detained while searches continue for the others.

The Hosein brothers were born in Venezuela, to a Venezuelan father and a Trinidadian mother who died in 2015. They had dual nationality.

Hosein said his brother had been coming here for years, spending months away from his wife, Denise-Ley and their son, 7-year-old Francisco Abraham Macias.

“Every night when he came home from work, he would go on WhatsApp and talk to his family and read a story for his son.”

Saturday night, when Macias-Hosein didn’t call, “Francisco asked his mom why his dad didn’t call.”

He said the child burst into tears when told what had happened to his father.

“They’re in shock. They’re in a mess there. My dad, he’s 78, he’s distraught.

“He (Macias-Hosein) was planning to return to Venezuela in April, spend a few months with his wife and child, and return to TT in August/September.”

He said that when the autopsy is done, funeral arrangements will be finalized. “He will be buried here. He always said where he died, bury him right there.

All the Sins of Literature Sat, 05 Feb 2022 10:38:15 +0000

There’s child abuse in “Huckleberry Finn.”

Regicide in “Macbeth”.

Blasphemy in “The Catcher in the Rye”.

Suicide in “Things Fall Apart”.

Domestic violence in “The Color Purple”.

Rape in “A Streetcar Named Desire”.

Gang violence in “A Most Beautiful Thing”.

Adultery in “The Awakening”.

Grave robbing in “Frankenstein”.

Incest in Greek mythology.

Drag race in “The Outsiders”.

Witchcraft in “The Wizard of Oz”.

I have taught using each of these works for the past 20+ years, and have never suggested students engage in any of the above activities. Nor, to my knowledge, has any student ever murdered a king, joined a gang, or participated in any of the other behaviors just because they read about it.

Addressing difficult subjects in school is not the same as defending them. Most children understand this. Some adults, apparently, don’t.

Case in point: In Tennessee, recently, the McMinn County School Board voted 10 to 0 to remove Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel “Maus,” a Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece, from an eighth grade unit. year about the Holocaust, as it contains some cartoon depictions. naked animals and a handful of swear words.

Spiegelman’s book tells the story of his interviews with his father, who in turn tells his harrowing story of survival in Poland and Czechoslovakia in the 1930s and 1940s. It’s not an enjoyable read, and it’s not is not supposed to be. We are talking about the Holocaust, when over 6 million Jews were murdered.

The author portrays all the people in the book as animals. The Jews are mice; the Germans, the cats. It’s a brilliant metaphor and powerful testimony, worthy of standing alongside other essential works of Holocaust literature, including Elie Wiesel’s “Night.”

A story by David Corn in Mother Jones explains how the council decided to ban Spiegelman’s book. According to Corn’s summary of the reunion, one member admits he hasn’t read “Maus” and suggests the volume is “just the tip of the iceberg” in terms of allegedly inappropriate material.

Another board member suggests that works like “Maus” could be part of an attempt to “normalize sexuality, normalize nudity and normalize vulgar language”. He also hints that such books are a way to “indoctrinate someone’s children,” as if Tennessee teachers are chuckling at their desks as they hatch a subversive plot to destroy America’s youth by teaching the truth. on the Holocaust.

And children need to learn this truth. The US Millennial Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Survey in 2020 found that “11% of US millennial and gen Z respondents think Jews caused the Holocaust” and some 59% think something similar to the Holocaust could happen again.

(Conspiracy supporters willing to pounce on mask and vaccine mandates as contemporary examples should sit down. No valid comparison can be made between curbing a pandemic and killing millions.)

Focusing only on the nekkid mice and a few swear words misses the point of “Maus”, in the same way that focusing only on the bloody daggers in “Macbeth” misses the larger themes of unchecked ambition and overwhelming guilt in the rest of the room.

Far from normalizing negative behaviors, works that deal with difficult subjects provide teachable moments. After my class read “A Streetcar Named Desire,” I invited the director of the local domestic violence shelter to speak. She demonstrated how Stanley Kowalski, the male protagonist, met most of the characteristics of an abuser. At least one student identified behaviors in a current relationship that met the criteria for emotional abuse. It was a realization that happened because of the intersection between literature and real life.

I doubt McMinn County teachers will delve into the nudity and swearing in “Maus,” and I doubt their students will be titillated by cartoons, set as they are in a non-fiction horror story, and guided to an understanding by professional educators.

Take any passage from almost any book, story, or play out of context and you might question its relevance. Stitch all of these passages together and you might come to the disturbing – and mistaken – conclusion that America’s schools are awash in gore, gore and smut.

The Tennessee board of directors came to a similarly erroneous conclusion about “Maus”. Let it be a lesson for all voters to elect sensible people to school boards, candidates who support high-quality literature and don’t just look for dirty pictures and words.

Or, at the very least, board members who will read an entire book before deciding whether to ban it.

Contact Chris at On Twitter: @cschillig.

Folk tales, ancient plays and mythology spark a child’s imagination! Thu, 03 Feb 2022 15:12:10 +0000

Maria Kamoulakou-Marangoudakis is a US-based Greek archaeologist and award-winning children’s author. Since her childhood in Athens, Maria has loved escaping into the imaginary world of books. A desire to visualize and relive the past led her to an eighteen-year career in archeology in Greece (Hellenic Ministry of Culture). In 2013, a similar urge prompted Maria to test her writing skills, and then she started Little Centaur Press in 2018. Her books bridge the gap between picture books and children’s chapter books. For her themes, she explores the rich literary and folkloric tradition of Greece. When not busy writing, Maria enjoys interacting with her readers at book signing events and literary festivals. She is a wildlife lover and loves to travel, meet people and learn about new cultures. She lives in New England with her husband, Carl, and their elderly cat, Kit-Kit.

TNH: How did you start writing children’s books?

MK: It was an impulsive decision! The idea crossed my mind while I was recovering from a serious health problem in the winter of 2012-2013. You could say it had a therapeutic effect on me at the time.

TNH: Which book was the one that influenced you in your writing debut?

MK: There isn’t a particular book that led me to write, but I had a favorite when I was a kid. the Iliad-Odyssey by Sideris editions (ΙλιάδαΟδύσσεια, εκδόσεις Σιδέρης). The title of the English edition is Tales of the Greeks and the Trojans. Some of you may have come across it. I was captivated by the story and mesmerized by the illustrations by Anna and Janet Graham Johnston. This book enchanted me and I still am enchanted!

TNH: What is the source of your inspiration when you write a book?

MK: Greek culture is a huge driving force behind me. In 2013, I set myself the goal of introducing English-speaking children to ancient Greek culture, Greek literature and traditional Greek tales with my adaptations. My goal is to reach readers from as many cultural backgrounds as possible, not exclusively children of Greek descent.

TNH: Do your heroes guide you through the story or do you decide their fate?

MK: That’s a very interesting question! Until now, the fate of my heroes is predetermined. I chose to retell existing folk tales and old plays so I can’t completely rewrite the plot, but I’m free to play around a bit… You could say my heroes dictate their way through the story but they can’t dictate the finish. They take me by the hand and gently guide me through pages and pages of text. It’s a fun but tedious procedure that involves many fixes and revisions along the way. In future books, my heroes might get bolder, bolder, and choose their own ending! Who knows?

TNH: Children’s books get the message out about social issues. What is your goal in writing your stories?

MK: The values ​​behind my stories are those of friendship, brotherhood, peaceful coexistence, perseverance and resilience. My heroes dream big and, through hard work or simple tricks, they manage to achieve difficult goals! It can be coming together to build a city in the clouds or tackling a problem using your intellect instead of physical strength.

TNH: What Greek books for children do you wish you had written?

MK: Growing up in Athens in the late 60s/early 70s, life was tough. Children’s books were highly prized items. We only received them as gifts on special occasions like birthdays and holidays. Most of my books were about Greek mythology, but occasionally I got a few fairy tales. As a child, I loved Hans Christian Andersen. There was something about the hardships and human suffering depicted in his tales that struck a chord in my heart! The Wild Swans and The Little Match Girl were, and still are, my favorites.

TNH: What are the most recent books you have published?

MK: My most recent books are two picture books for 7-10 year olds.

Arthur the Fly Slayer and the Forty Dragons is the retelling of a traditional folk tale from Gytheio, Laconia. My father heard the original tale from his grandmother and passed it on to me. To my surprise, several different versions are documented throughout Greece and it may relate to The Brave Little Tailor by the Brothers Grimm. The book celebrates the days and deeds of a lazy, yet resourceful young man who outwits forty dragons and hunts them without a single swing of his sword!

Last July, I published an updated edition of my first book, Sky Cloud City (The Adventures of Hope & Trusty, Book 1). The story is a retelling of the ancient Greek comedy The Birds (Ornithes) by Aristophanes. The plot revolves around friends, a couple of birds and two stray dogs, who travel to bird country. Their actions trigger events that benefit the birds, shake humanity, and humiliate Zeus and the Olympian gods. The 2021 edition of City Cloud Sky recently won the Bronze Medal for First Books in the Early Readers Chapter at the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.

Both books are available on all amazon sites and on

TNH: What awaits you next?

MK: Time to focus on the chase The Adventures of Hope & Trusty series. If all goes well, the second book should be ready in the summer of 2023. In the meantime, my collaboration with KPHTH Magazine – from the Pancretan Association of America – is still ongoing. My MINOS Zoiros and ARIADNE Laloussa column is a series of short stories for 6-9 year olds. The aim is to familiarize children of Cretan origin with their Minoan ancestors and to arouse their interest in Cretan culture and history. There are also plans for more books and more stories to tell.

Facebook; Website; Email

]]> On the way to Olympus: these 5 accessories will make you a Greek goddess Wed, 02 Feb 2022 00:08:07 +0000

Greek mythology has always fascinated fashion in a way that would make Aphrodite proud. For you to go to Olympus, these pieces must not be missing from your style!

Not only in the world of fashion, art history and literature, but also in pop culture, we regularly come across motifs from Greek mythology. So regularly that we pretty much know what Mount Olympus is, who lived there, and know a story or two. The sense of aesthetics in ancient Greece is always a feast for the eyes, which can hardly be resisted in the museum. Along with the lightly draped and airy linen fabrics that gave grace and class, there were a few other essential style accessories.

On the way to Olympus: these accessories put you in the league of goddesses


The style of Greek antiquity is natural, minimalist, sumptuous and at the same time elegant. It makes us dream of heroic journeys and dinners. About mystical creatures and forests that enchant us. Designers who like to draw inspiration from Antiquity know this too. In terms of styling, it is therefore important to return to a palette of light colors: in other words, light tones such as beige, cream, ivory. To emphasize the shine, they are combined with golden accents. The suit alone looks very…Olympic.

The Hermès winged shoe has competition

Hermès already knew that the right shoe works wonders with its winged shoes, which gave it its incomparable speed. It’s out of the question for us, but to still have a little Grecian charm, we just opt ​​for gladiator-style sandals with toe separators and elegant calf lacing. The sole should be thick and stable, which makes it a reliable companion in everyday life.

jewelry family

Admittedly, the layering of jewelry is exhausting – for Greek goddesses too. Who has time to spend centuries untangling jewelry? It depends on the beautiful, but at the same time unobtrusive decoration. The best way to do this is with a matching coin, how could it be otherwise, gold! Use a mix of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. Decorations depicting Greek heroes, gods and goddesses were popular in Hellenistic times. With bracelets and large rings, these come into their own.

head of hair

Open hair with bold yet elegant beach waves is our go-to for Grecian grace. Pin his hair up with chunky golden clips when he gets too much on his face. Braided hairstyles were also typical of antiquity – but not too severe. Rather… seductive. Elegance comes effortlessly with braided hair accessories. Nevertheless, the following applies: in moderation, not in bulk. Check out “Hair Cuffs” for a modern twist. They can be used in several ways: at the root of the hair or at the end.

Everything for size

Drape at home and experiment with lightweight fabrics. It doesn’t matter whether you want to give the long dress a waistline or a straight top. A drawstring waistband makes sure the whole thing holds up at the end. There is an additional Grecian chic with tassels and golden elements on the waistband.


AHS season 11 should use Red Tide’s best debunked theory Fri, 07 Jan 2022 00:40:00 +0000

American Horror Story: Double Feature quickly debunked an enthralling fan theory, and it should be used in Season 11. Here’s what it is.

The first part of American Horror Story: Double functionality, Crimson Tide, was not what fans had come to expect from the series in terms of quality and themes, and so Season 11 should use Crimson Tidethe best theory debunked – here’s what it is. The horror genre is enjoying great success not only on the big screen but also on television, and the most popular television series of its genre continues to be american horror story, the anthology series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and premiered on FX in 2011.

Each season of american horror story tackles a different horror theme with different characters and events, although over time it has built a unified universe. The first season, retroactively titled Murder House, was all about a haunted house and the ghosts that lived there, and since then, american horror story explored a variety of themes, creatures, and places – from aliens to circuses and even cults. american horror story now has 10 seasons up for grabs, and its tenth season, titled Dual functionality, has been divided into two parts: Crimson Tide and Death Valley, with one by the sea and the other by the sand. Of course, there has been a lot of speculation about the Season 10 themes, especially after teasers and posters showed the aliens return, but the best theory around this season was quickly debunked.


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Crimson Tide is the seaside half, and it takes viewers to Provincetown, Massachusetts to follow writer Harry Gardner (Finn Wittrock), his wife Doris (Lily Rabe), and their daughter Alma (Ryan Kiera Armstrong). The city turns out to be plagued by pale creatures that feed on blood, and they transformed into those monsters after taking a black pill that would have enhanced their talents, but they didn’t have one. Harry becomes addicted to the pills and Alma begins taking them as well, sending the Gardner family on a downward spiral of lies and death. Before the premiere of Crimson Tide, it was strongly theorized that, as this is the part of the season fixed by the sea, that it would include mermaids, but this was quickly debunked – but it can be used in american horror story season 11.

American Horror Story Mermaids Alien Experiments

Mermaids (not to be confused with mermaids) are creatures from Greek mythology who lure nearby sailors with their music and sung voices to shipwreck on the coast of their island, so they are among the most dangerous creatures. that you may encounter at sea. The physical appearance of mermaids has been described as a combination of women and birds in different forms, and not only do they have haunting voices but are also believed to charm the winds so that their targets do not not escape. american horror story decided to use vampires again (as he had already done in Hotel) in Dual functionality/Crimson Tide, but Season 11 can easily pick mermaids as the main theme, especially since it was one of the main themes the audience voted for when Ryan Murphy polled potential themes on Twitter.

american horror story has already been renewed for three more seasons, and there are still plenty of horror themes that can be addressed in the series, but given the disappointment of Crimson Tide and the excitement around the possibility of mermaids appearing, the best option for season 11 would definitely be these dangerous and fascinating sea creatures. Sure, american horror story would give the mermaids a twist to better suit the style of the show and make it as believable as possible, which only makes the idea more exciting.

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We are the ones who secretly revealed why Kate and Toby broke up

We are the ones who just secretly revealed why Kate and Toby are going to separate

About the Author

“Orion’s Chimney”: the Flame Nebula shines in a breathtaking new sight Tue, 04 Jan 2022 22:46:00 +0000

The Flame Nebula shines in this processed image. The colors show the speed of gas in the nebula, with red clouds moving away faster than yellows.

ESO / Th. Stanke & ESO / J. Emerson / VISTA. Acknowledgments: Cambridge Astronomical Research Unit

This is winter where I am and I have felt the drag of the short days and cold temperatures. This is why I am dwelling on a new image of the Flame Nebula which shows a gloriously glowing region of space. It looks like hell, but it’s actually a cloud of dust and gas strewn with stars.

The European Southern Observatory called the flame nebula the “Orion chimney” in a statement on Tuesday. It is located in the constellation Orion, which is named after the hunter from Greek mythology. “This ’emission’ nebula harbors at its center a cluster of young stars which emit high-energy radiation, making surrounding gases glow,” ESO said.

There’s a lot going on in ESO’s image. The Flame Nebula is the large formation on the left. The smallest object on the right is another nebula, NGC 2023. Look closely above and to the right of NGC 2023 to find the Horse’s Head nebula, which Hubble picturesque captured in 2013.

The image of the flame nebula is taken from the Atacama Pathfinder experiment in Chile. The observation is part of a larger investigation of radio waves emitted by carbon monoxide in star-forming regions of Orion’s molecular clouds. “Contrary to what the ‘fire’ in this image might suggest, these clouds are in fact cold, with temperatures typically a few tens of degrees above absolute zero,” ESO said.

The image highlights the speed of gas in the nebula, with red clouds moving away from us faster than yellow ones. The science is neat, but there is also room to sit and appreciate the sheer visual beauty. My toes might be cold, but my space-loving heart is warm.

Ron Perlman reveals plans for Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘biblical’ trilogy Tue, 21 Dec 2021 14:30:25 +0000

In 1999, Guillermo Del Toro wrote a letter to Ron Perlman inviting him to dinner.

“We met over an Indian dish,” says Perlman Reverse. “We started with dessert, as I like to start, and we both realized we were brothers.”

But Del Toro had an agenda. He was preparing his first feature film (Cronos, a Mexican independent drama inspired by vampires). After discovering Perlman’s work while researching prosthetic makeup artists, he searched for the actor for a lead role based on “a bunch of work that I actually thought no one had seen,” Perlman humbly remembers. on the phone.

Guillermo Del Toro with Ron Perlman.Albert L. Ortega / WireImage / Getty Images

Cronos was just the start of a long and fruitful collaboration. Perlman went on to appear in Del Toro Blade II, followed by a pair of Hellboy films – “after seven years of begging and cuddling, he won me the role” – Pacific Rim, and Alley of nightmares, which is currently in theaters. (Following: Pinnochio.)

“He had a sensitivity very parallel to mine. “

But at the time, they were just two brothers who got along well. Del Toro and Perlman shared a similar sense of self-deprecation and love of monsters, a passion that defined both of their careers in the decades that followed.

“He had a very similar sensitivity to mine about how the most monstrous things in the world on the surface tend to aspire to be the most human and act to be acceptable, even if they aren’t.”, said Perlman.

He adds: “It was the beginning, as they say at the end of Casablanca, of a beautiful friendship.

In other words, Perlman describes this first dinner in 1990 as a pebble breaking the surface of a lake and causing a ripple. “It just kept radiating outward.”

In the interview below (edited for brevity and clarity) Ron Perlman discusses:

  • His experiences on the set of Alley of nightmares
  • Screenplay by Guillermo Del Toro for a third Hellboy film
  • Del Toro’s upcoming film, an animated version of Pinnochio fascist Italy
  • And his role as the voice of Optimus Primal in the upcoming Beast Wars Transformers movie.

Ron Perlman plays the carnival strongman in Alley of nightmares.20th century

Reverse: Hi Ron, how are you? Did you do interviews all day?

Ron Perlman: I just did a quick one, and now this. I am fresh as a daisy.

It’s awesome. So you play Bruno in Alley of nightmares, the strong man of the carnival. Have you spoken to Del Toro about your character’s story beyond what we see on screen?

The only thing that mattered, the most poignant thing I found about Bruno being in this movie, was how he protected Molly [Rooney Mara]. How he recognized in this sick, twisted carnival world that she was like a rose in Spanish Harlem. She is this magnificent, innocent, pure, unambitious, magnificent being, and Bruno takes care of making sure that nothing bad happens to her.

“I’m pretty sure no one in the carnival has ever filed an A 10-99 or a W-9.”

But he couldn’t protect her from Stan [Bradley Cooper]. And that’s why the film moves away and becomes an important narrative about human pride. This is what makes Bruno’s character poignant: even a strong man couldn’t protect this beautiful girl from this overly ambitious guy.

Alley of nightmares is a story about performers, and you could interpret that as a metaphor for show business and Hollywood. What do you think this film is about?

I see carnival as a kind of subculture for people who find it difficult to fit into mainstream society. It is a place where they can flourish where they are accepted. They are not challenged. Carnival has its own sovereign subculture. It has its own rules. He has his own hierarchy of people, from boss to geek. And he is protected from the rest of mainstream society.

I’m pretty sure no one in the carnival ever filed an A 10-99 or a W-9. So for me, it’s more societal than a nod to a particular industry, especially the movie industry.

“It’s a tattered world, just like the lives of the people who populate a carnival.”20th century

This film is also visually stunning. What was it like to be on the carnival sets?

I’ve been on a lot of Guillermo Del Toro sets, and they’re lavish and gorgeous. But in the first half of the film, which is carnival, it all went on too long. Everything is really damaged. Everything has dirt on it and under its fingernails, including people.

It’s a tattered world, just like the lives of the people who populate a carnival. The carnival sets were funky and very theatrical, almost cartoonish.

Ron Perlman as Hellboy.Colombia Pictures

So when you’re on set with Guillermo Del Toro, are you talking about doing a third Hellboy movie?

I became rather obsessed with doing the third because I’m on a really short list of people who know what Guillermo was going to put in that third.

“The result was going to be dramatic, super-violent, biblical in nature, Greek mythology.”

The Hellboy saga has always been meant to be a trilogy. You saw the beginning, you saw the middle, but you didn’t see the end. The ending was going to resolve all aspects of this mythical creature that was introduced in the first two films. The result was to be dramatic, super-violent, biblical in nature, Greek mythology. It was a shame that the audience, who had clung to us for the first two films, were deprived of seeing this finish because it would have been a great nice finish.

It wasn’t like I couldn’t wait to put on makeup again and work as hard as I had to work to play a superhero. I was 57 when we did the second, but I thought it was just something we owed the fans. It was just one of those things where we could never make everyone’s schedules work and it never happened. I hope that answers your question.

It does, but I have to ask for a sequel because the movie you just described looks amazing. So do you think we’ll ever have Hellboy 3 or did the book close on this story?

I had to come to terms with the fact that the book is closed. But then again, I’m pretty sure that in 1947 no one was working on Alley of nightmares never thought there would be a 2021 version. So never say never, right?

“This circle must be closed.”

Someone can pick it up at some point and complete the trilogy. I hope they will finish the trilogy. And I hope Guillermo’s script is the one they made to end the trilogy. Whether he’s running it or not. It doesn’t matter that I’m Hellboy. It’s just that this circle needs to come full circle.

What can you tell me about your next project with Guillermo Del Toro, his stop-motion animation Pinnochio?

Well, Guillermo Pinocchio takes place in Mussolini’s Italy, which is a fascist setting. The vanity of the film is that Pinocchio is the perfect soldier because he is not human. So he never questions orders. He is not scared. He is invulnerable. He is everything a perfect soldier should be. I play one of the city’s fathers who is pro-fascist and tries to manipulate Pinocchio into representing the cause.

Perlman will reprise his role as Optimus Primal in the upcoming Transformers movie.Hasbro

Ok, before I let you go, I need to ask you some questions about the new Transformers Beast Wars movie. You are voicing Optimus Primal. Can you tell me something about this role?

No. [Pause.] And I am not shy. It’s just that they haven’t sent me a script yet. I don’t know anything about this particular iteration. But I know people are really excited about it. I guess it’s a very popular franchise.

Oh, this is great. I mean, you’ve voiced this character before.

This is what people tell me. I do not remember.

Alley of nightmares is in theaters now.

Hades becomes the first video game to win a Hugo Award Sun, 19 Dec 2021 15:50:00 +0000

Prince Zagreus in a promotional image for Hades, surrounded by Bone Hydras.

Picture: Supergiant games

Last year, Supergiant Games’ Underworld, the roguelike inspired by Greek mythology about the son of Hades Zagreus escaping from the underworld, released close to acclaimed universal. If it wasn’t praised for being an inviting stopover in the kind roguelike, he was praised for his characters and story. If it weren’t for this, it was for the music, you got the idea. Over a year later and now on all major consoles and PCs, tThe game still has a significant impact, and it will surely still grow bigger because it won a Hugo Award this weekend and is the first video game to do so.

Every year, Hugo prices recognize the best and brightest sci-fi and fantasy literary works. In recent years, they’ve branched out to include categories like Best Fanzine or Best Fancast (podcast or video series, basically). For 2021, the best video game category was created after being started as an idea for years now, according to site announcement back in 2020. Of course, he probably helped that a lot of people had the time to just player video games last year.

Hell ‘ Writer and creative director Greg Kasavin, who was unable to attend the Hugo Awards, took to Twitter to post an acceptance speech on behalf of Supergiant. “We are very grateful that our work on Underworld stood out, ”he said,and we hope that the Hugo Awards will continue to recognize incredible work in the field of video games. In addition to thanking the staff and their families, he thanked the Greek gods from top to bottom for “having inspired people like us for several thousand years now, and they continue to do so for a long time.”

Underworld had some pretty good competition to beat: Unsurprisingly, the AAA contenders were The Last of Us Part II, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Final Fantasy VII remake. And on the indie side, there was the management of the beloved afterlife Dearing Spiritist and the fake (?) baseball simulation Blasball. This award was created on an exceptional basis, but hopefully it will stay, as video games are a pretty big part of sci-fi and fantasy at this point.

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