Tenrai Event Pass is frustrating for players

The Halo Infinite Awards, progression, and the FOMO: Tenrai Inducing Fractures event already have players threatening to stop playing.

Some players criticize Halo Infinite Season 1 Battle Pass and limited-time events like Fractures: Tenrai. While the full release of the game, which will include the final single-player campaign with Master Chief, Halo Infinite The free multiplayer component has so far been a huge success. Social media has been inundated with clips of the astonishing plays and hilarious moments from the series, but a strong backlash against the game has occurred in the week since its release.

From the second week, Infinite halo multiplayer has added its first limited-time mode, Fiesta. Party is a classic Halo Focused on mayhem, as two teams of four clash with random weapons and gear every time players appear. Fiesta is attached to the new Fractures event: Tenrai, Halo Infinite first limited-time event. The armor and other collectibles available to unlock in the free event pass are inspired by Japanese history and mythology, ranging from samurai armor to the appearance of a demonic Oni.


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However, several Infinite halo Beta players aren’t happy with the state of the game’s version, and the outrage has nothing to do with the graphics or the glitches. A rising post on the Halo User VolkerA4’s subreddit titled “Hate to say it, but I’m done” voiced strong criticism of the in-game cosmetics, and it seems to resonate with other Reddit users. The post declares developer 343 Industries “deliberately misleading players into buying packs without realizing that the colors would be locked onto a single set of armor“, a behavior which, according to them, included “sell identical colors and visors separately as they are locked to slightly different equipment. “ A common criticism echoing in the series community currently focuses on the Infinite halo Fractures: The announced armor of the Tenrai event, some of which must be purchased separately rather than unlocked through gameplay.

Players were already concerned about the price of cosmetics before this event, with Halo Infinite Season 1’s $ 1,000 worth of armor, sets, visors, and other microtransactions raise eyebrows. The game’s apparent focus on revenue, along with the small window of availability for certain items, prompts players like VolkerA4 to promise to stop playing just a week after release. While there are many complaints and criticisms leveled against the Season 1 Battle Pass and Tenrai Event Pass, support for the base game appears to remain. After their post became popular, they edited it to clarify: “I don’t want to criticize the developers. These are clearly very talented people who made a really great game.. “

Halo Infinite Fractures: The Tenrai event is the first of many limited-time experiences planned for Season 1, but this is not the last time he will appear in the game. The Tenrai event will take place two more times before the end of Season 1, which is welcome given that his associated event pass is not possible. to be completed in a single week. Many gamers say they would rather buy Infinite halo at full price to unlock cosmetics rather than buying them, and 343 Community Director Brian Jarrard acknowledged that their criticisms are “to be heard loud and clear. “At the moment, however, Halo Infinite the seasonal and time-locked system seems to be here to stay.

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Infinite halo is available for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC, and will be released in full on December 8, 2021.

Source: VolkerA4 / Reddit, Brian Jarrard / Twitter

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