“The current medical network is like the wreck of the Titanic,” says president of the Brazilian Archaeological Society


the head of Brazilian Archaeological Society São Paulo Regional Office (SBM-SP), William Ads Breast disease specialists are mobilizing pink octoberAnd A global campaign to encourage early diagnosis and appropriate treatment breast cancer.

In the months that remain, the work continues: debunking myths about the disease in social networks, the group is looking for alternatives to declare the importance Regular exams facilitate access to the most disadvantaged Medications.

What are the SBM initiatives today?

Our role is to supervise. The role of society is not to provide treatment and medicine, not because they don’t deserve it, but because we don’t have that capacity. However, we managed to squeeze Said and got to work.

We campaigned for the women of they or they, in theory the most necessary. We have provided postoperative clothing and specialize in microscopic pigmentation Give some of them the action (To draw the nipple and areola). We also want to offer free consultations with breast cancer specialists. If I had hours of inactivity on the weekends – and everyone does – it wouldn’t hurt to see more people.

What needs to be changed in the dynamics of SUS when treating these patients?

At the health center, the biggest bottleneck breast cancer The initial is time. The treatment lasts at least sixty days, which changes the chances of recovery. It’s a month to program one thing, and then two other things …

What about patients with more advanced cancer?

This is the second most dangerous bottleneck because they need medication. Today what do you have in Private network And the audience is ridiculously uneven, a ridiculous thing. It’s like debris Titanic: Everyone in the first degree will be more likely to make it out alive than anyone in the third degree.

And our legislation is bureaucratic for drug approval. NOT. they or they I have dwelled on this subject a lot, there are drugs on the market ten years ago that have not yet been combined.

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Have cases increased during the pandemic?

Several hospitals last year closed everything to provide the service exclusively Corona virus case. for the sick they or theySince the system is working at maximum, this dam cannot be removed from the problems that have not yet appeared. The worst part is that we will see tumors detected at more advanced stages of the disease. There is a need for public order to form a working group.

Does living in big cities, at a more stressful pace, affect the development of breast cancer?

It’s an urban legend, besides saying that Communication tower It’s the Deodorant It can cause cancer. There are many theories about cancer caused by bereavement and to worry. This has nothing to do with.

This speech turns into an additional punishment for the woman, who feels she has caused this to herself. But no one sees the survivors of concentration camps With more cancer than the rest. people with depression No.

What are the most common myths about the disease?

Every hour there is a new one, even the microwave and silicone costume. at this moment Angelina Julie I removed both breasts, it was a fever, the women walked into the office terrified and thought it was the solution to never getting cancer. But even preventive surgery has not ruled out this possibility.

The alternative was fascinating in the context of the actress, as her mother and aunt died young from the disease and had a mutation that led to high risk still young.

“It is an urban myth to say that stress causes breast cancer. Theories like this create an additional penalty for women.

Are many diseases hereditary?

It is true that there are typical mutations hereditary And those who have family relationships with close relatives are at greater risk. But 80% of the people we deal with don’t have family matters.

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In addition to regular check-ups, what habits help prevent disease?

The main factor is weight. Cancer needs the female hormone to grow, so it occurs more often in women. Fats are rich in this substance. We also advise against the use of medications Anti-aging Hormone based, advertised as a solution to improve muscle tone, reduce fat and increase concupiscence. The use of these stimulants in the pursuit of eternal youth is dangerous.

Have more cases appeared in young women?

This number has practically doubled over the past 10 years and remains low compared to the audience most at risk: women 40 to 50 years old. How cancer feeds some metabolismYoung women are more aggressive. Among them, there are factors that lead to the overall increase: the decrease in the number of children per woman, and Later in pregnancy menstruation at a younger age (What is known as precocious hormonal puberty).

What is the effect of pregnancy?

During pregnancy and lactation, women experience a low dose of the female hormone. induce pregnancy protective effectAnd today we have a low birth rate as a model. Families have one or two children and usually delay pregnancy. Should we recommend that everyone have several children to avoid the disease? No, these are developments in the community and we will not be returning. We just have to keep these women healthy.

Is self-examination also recommended for men?

There are people who say “there is a 2cm knot here, it must be nothing”, but they go to the doctor and it’s actually 6. done, find a doctor. This disease is very rare in men and is easy to detect.

How can men help their wives during treatment?

Not all of them have such a large presence, I have seen tragic situations in which a man decides to divorce. There are a few bad examples. You have to hold hands, the support of the family is necessary. A woman worries about her family, and often her greatest fear is leaving her children without a mother.

Does the October-focused campaign model discourage the spread of disease for the rest of the year?

It’s good to have a month of memory, but if you don’t have exams until October, you’re doing badly. Campaigns need testimonials about treatments that have worked, and focusing too much on the death rate scares many people away.

On Google, 90% of what appears is a disgrace. I have patients who don’t go to the doctor because they are afraid to know and have to Mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast). We have to explain that it is curable most of the time. A woman should continue to experience everything she has before treatment.

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