The higher education sector is experiencing sustained growth

In the field of higher education, Qatar has seen increasing growth in the number of higher education institutions, bringing their number in 2021 to 32 institutions, offering 365 academic programs in various educational pathways.

Qatar has seen steady growth in the number of scientific research institutions and centers, reaching 33 this year, with interests ranging from environment, energy, medicine, entrepreneurship to computer science, as well as social, humanitarian and educational studies, technological innovations and sustainable development. . Qatar’s efforts in the field of education have not been limited to the local sphere alone, but have extended to all regions of the world, especially marginalized communities, places of conflict and hard-to-reach areas. .

The state is currently working through its funding, humanitarian and development arms and partnerships with many organizations, governments and agencies in different countries of the world to step up efforts to educate more than 364,000 refugee children in 14 country, with the aim of bringing the total number of refugee children in school to 1.5 million children worldwide.

The vital and important achievements made according to systematic and studied plans and strategies in these sectors undoubtedly confirm that Qatar pursues with boundless confidence and ambition its efforts to achieve its global and sustainable development goals in all files and sectors. , especially in the health and education sectors, since an educated and healthy citizen is more able to put in effort and give and actively contribute to the growth and progress of his country, under the able leadership of the emir SA Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

These achievements embody the rational approach adopted by the State in the implementation of its development policies, including health and education, with efficiency, quality and competence, for the benefit of its current and future generations, which confirms that Qatar is now one of the developed countries. . He anticipates a new year, during which the march of achievements will continue in all sites and in all fields.

In the context of these achievements, Qatar has made progress in managing the priorities set out in the Berlin Declaration on Education for Sustainable Development last May, including those related to public policies, the transformation of learning environments, development of the capacities of teachers, the empowerment of young people and the acceleration of procedures at the national level through the actions and measures it has taken in accordance with the second strategy of the education and training sector (2018-22) and the plan of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, which stem from the Qatar National Vision 2030.

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