The new astronomical museum will reduce its capacity


Wang Rongjiang / SHINE

People line up to enter the museum.

The new astronomical museum will reduce its capacity

Wang Rongjiang / SHINE

Visitors relax under the huge spherical cinema.

The Shanghai Astronomical Museum will reduce the number of daily visitors to improve the visiting experience.

From July 25, the museum will only admit 5,000 people per day, 1,000 less than today.

Since its opening, the museum, known as the largest in the world, has been one of the most popular places in the city. Online booking opens seven days before a visit, but there has been a rush for tickets. Currently, tickets for the next seven days are sold out.

The good news is that the 30-meter-diameter 8K spherical cinema will feature seven screenings per day, two more than today, starting July 25. Three films are currently showing – “Unseen Universe”, “Tales of a Time Traveler” and “Le Ciel”. Reservations are required, along with an additional 40 yuan (US $ 6.17) ticket.

Reservations are also required for the other six museum sites, but there is no additional charge.

Xihe Solar Tower, named after the sun goddess in ancient Chinese mythology, allows visitors to view high-definition images of sunspots, solar flares, and solar protuberances using optical devices.

The Wangshu Observatory, named after the goddess who seeks the moon in ancient Chinese mythology, has a one-meter bifocal telescope with the largest aperture in China. It offers visitors a view of the moon, planets and celestial bodies in deep space.

“Flying Across The Galaxy” is a 6k theater in which visitors can board a spaceship to explore the universe. “What If Theater” explains the origin and evolution of the universe. “Journey To Mars” is a new attempt to transform an exhibition hall into an immersive theater with a storyline, inviting visitors to participate in a rescue operation on Mars. “Wonder Planet” is designed for children.

The museum is located at 380 Lingang Avenue. Visiting hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday to Sunday.

An adult ticket is priced at 30 yuan per person. Tickets for military family members and those aged 60 to 70 are priced at 25 yuan per person. Tickets for students and children over 1.3 meters tall or over six years old are priced at 15 yuan per person.

Free tickets are offered to people over 70, retired civil servants and children under 6.

Real name reservation is required. People can purchase tickets from the museum’s official website ( or from the WeChat account (gh_f1afa6047afc) seven days before a visit. A single ID card can only buy one ticket. Each visitor is required to wear a mask and show their health QR code.

Parking is limited, so metro line 16 is the best transportation option.

The new astronomical museum will reduce its capacity

Wang Rongjiang / SHINE

The museum exhibition hall

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