The Thompsons on Greek Mythology, the Queen’s Jubilee and the Invictus Games

Greek mythology
It is of no use to us. We only went to a comprehensive school and they just didn’t teach anything about that kind of stuff. If we had gone to a high school, everything would have been so different. We still believe the world is flat. When people say you can see the curves of the Earth from space, that’s just a myth to us. There is also a man in the moon – on a clear day you can see his face!

The Queen’s Jubilee
We are looking forward to it, but it’s not the right day for us. I think it’s very selfish of the Queen not to think of those of us who have to work six days a week; we are going to miss a lot more than we would like. Other than that, we’ll be glued to the TV, drinking high-end champagne and watching it all. We really hope they get the Red Arrows flying, it’s still one of the best parts. They should also try to get a Concorde out of storage for the occasion.

The Invictus Games
We haven’t seen one in ages. What channel is it on? Netflix? Well, we don’t have that. We’re not sure it’s even worth having these days. The Paralympics are much larger and people can participate even if they are not ex-military. Looks like he’s just Prince Harry’s plaything, but he’s not really a royal anymore, is he? He’s just a famous guy who lives in America.

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