The Truth is Not an Insult – Kevin Cassar


The Labor propaganda machine was in full swing again. Do what he does best, create a false narrative, dehumanize perceived criticism, stir up hatred and incite abuse or worse. And we all know where that leads. Work too, but he does it all the same, with reckless abandon.

This time I was the target and not for the first time.

The trigger for the fabricated outrage of Labor? I dared to point out the truth. I have presented facts that are solidly supported by evidence. I did not make up these facts, as ONE News suggested – “according to him” (“skontu”) – in his news item devoted to my humiliation. The sources have been referenced.

What were the facts?

1. The level of education of the Maltese population is worrying. And it got worse between 2018 and 2019. I didn’t make that up. It was documented in the European Commission’s Education Training Monitor 2020: 36.3% of 15-year-olds in Malta did not perform well in reading in 2019; 33.5% of 15-year-olds in Malta did not perform well in science in 2019.

2. The lower the level of education, the higher the credulity. The less educated are more likely to be manipulated. They are more likely to believe lies and to refute established facts.

I didn’t make that up either.

Alcott and Gentzkow’s article in the Economic Outlook Journal (2017) proved it.

3. In Malta, Labor enjoys the support of the vast majority, 60.8 percent, of the least educated. Its support is weakest (24.7%) among the most educated. I didn’t make it up. I cited the findings of a scientific investigation by Malta today. It is not an “interpretation”, as ONE News suggested. These are the results of a scientific investigation.

Another survey conducted by Polar, on behalf of Illum, showed an identical inverse relationship between the level of education attained and the probability of wishing the political return of Joseph Muscat. Only a minority want him to return to all levels of education. Only 46 percent of people with a primary education want him to come back. Only 14% of higher education graduates do so. This is not an opinion. This is the result of another scientific investigation.

These are not insults, they are facts. For some, unpleasant facts but facts nonetheless.

Highlighting facts is not an insult. It is a warning, a revelation. Telling the truth is not hate, but worry. Concern for fellow citizens; concern for the nation and its future. This is not an insult, it is a glimmer of hope for a better country built on choices made by a better informed and more demanding electorate.

But Labor hates the truth. He hates those who put forward the truth even more. For them, Labor has an answer: dehumanization, demonization and persecution. The shocking and precise conclusion no. 13 of the inquiry Daphne Caruana Galizia said: “The political reaction has been a sustained campaign of personal attacks, denigration, hatred, verbal abuse and worse still”. This contributed to the culture that facilitated his murder. But Labor is still using the same tactics. Why change them if they have worked so well?

The lower the education level, the higher the credulity– Kevin Cassar

ONE News devoted full news to my article, resorting to lies and ridicule. ONE claimed that I had called for the dissolution of the Labor Party. I have never done. Malta needs work, a much better job. In the current Maltese context, Labor is essential to the democratic principle of alternation of powers.

ONE ridiculed me by photoshoping a pigeon on my right shoulder. It was a reference to the Maltese word ‘beċċun ‘. Maltese has no word for gullible, the closest is’beċċun ‘, which also translates to “pigeon”. So ONE seized the opportunity and unleashed his henchmen.

The witness has been picked up by too many people to mention. The heavyweights of Labor were fighting for this: Andy Ellul, Karl Stagno Navarra and, even worse, our own MEP Alex Agius Saliba.

He uploaded a manipulated photo of my face. The image was edited to black and white with dark shadows giving it a sinister dehumanizing effect, along with its prompting comments.

He then sat down and quietly savored the torrent of abuse and intimidation that inevitably and predictably came upon me. The dehumanization tactic worked. Of the 380 likes and 152 comments (at the time of writing), one stood out: “What is this? (Dan x’inhu?) not “Who is this?” “(Dan min hu?). Most of the other comments were too obscene to repeat.

These were Nazi tactics used against Jews, describing them as sinister, ugly, hateful and sub-human. Caricatures have been used to represent them as dangerous enemies of the people. Agius Saliba did the same.

Glenn Bedingfield and Luke Dalli did the same with Caruana Galizia, describing her as an old witch on their Tanatnejn A program.

And Caruana Galizia had claimed that Agius Saliba himself used to insult him. Agius Saliba knows what insults are. He knows what bullying is. He has used them before and has managed to elicit that rare reaction in the formidable Caruana Galizia – anxiety and fear.

He always uses these tactics, not like Forum għażagħ Laburisti secretary general but from his privileged position as MEP.

Agius Saliba, Ellul, Stagno Navarra and ONE feign shock and indignation by pretending to be offended. Their sole purpose is to harass, intimidate and silence any critical voices, by deploying reckless force and resorting to incitement. They are not at all interested in discussing real issues, like the low level of education which exposes so many people to exploitation and manipulation.

Their only goal is to preserve their own privileged position – like the bogus job at troubled Air Malta and their MEP seat – by suppressing dissent in a truly frightening effect. Free thought and critical analysis are their greatest threat. And there’s nothing they won’t do to stop it.

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