The Two Gods Of Heavenly Space From The Final Eternals Trailer, Explained


Jack Kirby and Stan Lee are tasked with shaping modern mythology and pop culture during their historic collaboration in Marvel Comics print media. They are all fathers of a sprawling multiverse, and at its center are the Celestials, a race of beings who were ancient at the dawn of time, and who served as shepherds of all intelligent life throughout. reality.

Considered as space gods among these learned beings in the galactic tradition, the Celestials are the harbingers of creation and annihilation, and the Eternals The movie trailer just featured two important additions to this primordial cosmic pantheon. Jemiah the analyzer and Arishem the judge. They are two of many, although their number is unknown, but Kirby has devised a whole mythology around the Celestials and their planetary pilgrimages, called “Hosts”.

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The first host

Celestials of Earth-X walking through a city

Celestials search for worlds during their cognitive biological childhood. Bringing together intellect and instruments far beyond the comprehension of mortals, they conduct experiments on native bioforms that carry markers for evolutionary potential. Once the selection is made, the Celestials radically modify the genetic bricks of these perspectives, then leave the planet to allow the species to develop along the new chosen path. They can also leave monoliths across the planet that serve as catalytic engines for further rapid biological progress. A million years ago they visited Earth and chose a primate, the dawn ape, to genetically modify in this way and this genetic modification resulted in three unique progenitor species.

Possessing an unstable genetic structure, the Deviants (Homo descended) were barbaric psychotics who sought to dominate the world. They enslaved humanity, waged war on Earth and all of its inhabitants, and sought scientific solutions that could stabilize their erratic DNA. They have lived their lives underground and plundered the surface when their needs or whims dictated.

The Eternals (Homo immortalis) were conceived as gods among men. Embarked with the mandate to protect the Earth at the molecular level, the Celestials gave them capacities worthy of their charge, including eternal life. Although they breed to a fraction of their ancestral cousins, their power overcompensates what they lack in numbers. Flight, invulnerability, energy manipulation, telepathy, and world fellowship are traits that each Eternal carries in addition to other specialized powers like super speed or shape shifting.

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Humanity (Homo sapiens) was the basic branch, imperfect and ambitious, but also fraught with genetic latencies that would respond to specific types of radiation inherent in a technologically maturing planet. As the Earth entered the Mechanical Age, these ambient energies were abundant and began to express themselves in the genomes of humanity. Individuals like Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers and the explorers who would become the Fantastic Four were inundated with these atomic wavelengths which then triggered dormant genes, imbuing each of them with immense power. In the absence of heavenly manipulation, they would simply have been destroyed by these mighty forces. This “X” gene, however, also expressed itself as spontaneous mutations within the human diaspora. Apocalypse, Charles Xavier, Jean Gray, and Ororo Munroe are all descendants of the Celestial experiences, representing a whole new branch of humanity, Superior Homo.

Second host

Over the next hundred years or one hundred millennia, the Celestials would continue their experiments throughout the multiverse. Eventually, they would come back to check on the progress of their experiments, which usually meant the destruction of a species or even an entire world. In the case of Earth, the Second Host took place 25,000 years ago. The Deviants ruled the Earth using modern technology, despite the presence of the Eternals, and shot the Celestials as they pierced the upper atmosphere. The Celestials destroyed their empires so completely that the continents sank and the Earth’s mantle contracted. A remnant of humanity survived, guided by an eternal loner to safety, where they built the beginnings of a new civilization.

Third guest

A thousand years ago, the Celestials returned for the Third Host, meeting in Peru among the majesty of the Inca Empire, to study the progress of man. The various gods of humanity, Zeus, Vishna and Odin, father of Thor and Loki, were so threatened by their presence that they fought the Celestials as the Deviants had done thousands of years before. The results were similar. The unified deities of Earth were unable to harm the gods of space in any way. Humiliated and defeated, the fallen gods have paid the price for their folly. They were forbidden to interfere in the affairs of the Earth from that time on and thus disappeared from the life of mankind.

Fourth guest

In the near present, the Celestials returned once more, to see what flowers had grown in their irradiated garden. Although Odin kept his word and sacrificed a lot to keep Thor away from Midgard (Earth) and its inhabitants, he had not been idle. He fashioned the Destroyer and the Sword of Odin to defeat the Celestials once and for all, for a thousand years. After a futile battle reminiscent of the one fought millennia ago, all the machinations of the Asgardian king were ruined and only the judgment of the Celestials themselves was able to save the Earth.

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The Celestials

A single celestial can devastate an entire galaxy. Every category of power they possess, strength, endurance, intelligence, control and energy absorption, all are beyond the capacity of measure. At the dawn of the universe, a celestial experiment gone awry resulted in a powerful network of creatures who even extended their capacity for control. In order to imprison them, by sheer force of will, the Celestials divided the universe into a multi-worm. Each celestial is capable of omnipresence, the ability to occupy more than one physical space simultaneously over vast distances, without any loss of power or capacity.

Every civilization in the universe and every god close to history, like Galactus or Thanos, fear the power of the gods of space.

Despite their immense power, the Children of Earth have injured and even defeated Celestials in battle. Thor has already summoned enough power to break the armor of a space god. He entered inside and found himself in an extra-dimensional space patrolled by powerful “anti-bodies” seeking to immunize himself against the God of Thunder, but not before he was able to tip the Celestial on. his feet from the inside. Jean Gray, while employing the Phoenix force, was able to cut off a Celestial’s hand, though it immediately regenerated. The Invisible Woman also pierced the shell of a Celestial and succeeded in destroying it after her “nerve center” collapsed.

Humanity’s ability to perform these and other miraculous feats has already prompted the Keepers of Time to consider wiping them out of sacred timeline altogether. Ironically, these exact feats may be the activated potential that the Celestials set in motion a million years ago.

Jemiah the analyzer

Each Celestial has a specialized role in their cosmic work. Jemiah the Analyzer works in concert with other Celestials, notably Gammenon the Gatherer, to determine the fundamental properties of life on a given planet and perhaps even to speculate, upon examination, about its raw potential. The Skrulls, similarly cultivated by the space gods, at one point attempted to destroy it with their global planet-destroying technology that left it unscathed in a smoking crater.

The preview provided in the trailer doesn’t reveal much about his role in the film, but it does show him shaping energies and appearing through a rift in space, arriving for an unknown purpose.

Arishem the judge

Arishem the Judge literally holds the fate of the worlds in the palm of his hand. Written in glyphs known only to them, the equation of global destruction is inscribed along its thumb. Like the ancient Roman emperors, Arishem silently twists his wrist, and civilizations are either eradicated or suspended. It has been noted that of the trillions of worlds in existence, only a handful have proven to be worthy of further study, the Main Earth among them.

His appearance in the film differs greatly from his portrayal in the comics which breaks with the previous one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Eson the Searcher, another celestial, was featured in guardians of the galaxy and modeled precisely on Kirby’s plane. Arishem appears to be a hybrid of Eson, Gammenon, and Hargen the Measurer. It can be a purely artistic choice or a nod to additional portfolios of responsibility and power.

Eternals won’t hit theaters until November 5.

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