There is no excuse for Respawn’s unprofessional response to upset ‘Apex Legends’ players [Update]


It was a wild weekend on Apex Legends subreddit. Fans, upset by the ridiculous microtransactions of the Iron Crown event, had made their feelings known. When representatives from developer Respawn stepped in to address concerns, they ended up fanning the flames rather than putting them out.

This is because the developers in question called the fans of their game various swear words and made statements like “most of you are freeloaders” which I think it’s safe to say is a ridiculous thing to say to your clients, even though a lot of them are playing your game. free play without spending a dime.

First of all, it’s not freeloading. The definition of freeloader is “a person who takes advantage of the generosity of others without giving anything in return”. This is used to describe, for example, an unwanted guest who takes advantage of your hospitality, or someone who escapes the system, deriving benefits without contributing to work (assuming they are valid and have no excuse).

Playing a free game without spending any money is definitely not freeloading. Meanwhile, even though some of the players on these forums are acting like jerks, asking a company rep to go out of their way to call them names in public is deeply unprofessional and honestly quite embarrassing for Respawn, a studio. that I have a lot of respect. for, despite badly groping this one.

There is simply no excuse for describing your customers as “ass hats” or “cocks”.

When one user mentioned that Respawn developer dko5 was not specifically calling another user “dick”, dko5 replied:

“I think technically I was calling the cock players?” I do not know. I had a spicy lunch, I can feel it.

Yes, nothing like demonizing all players with as broad an insult as possible. it always goes so well!

Perhaps the most hilarious and ironic statement Respawn made in this thread shows just how complete their lack of self-awareness is. This one is from Jayfresh_Respawn, and it’s a bit breathtaking:

“So it’s good for all of you to call us liars, full of [expletive], and other personal attacks when we communicate an apology and update the event, but we are “immature” when we call out to people. Understood.”

See, here’s the thing. When a group behaves badly, you don’t even do things by responding the same way. Two wrongs, as the saying goes, do not make a right. Stooping to the same level as the worst commentators on an Internet video game forum is a very, very bad idea.

Of course, there are terrible people online who are saying horrible and unwarranted things to these developers. But responding with that kind of vitriol is, in fact, immature. It’s a bad look for Respawn and EA and it’s bad for Apex Legends. If I were a Respawn manager, I would be incredibly upset if my company reps behave this way, even though they are rightfully upset with some of the things players have said about them online. I’ve been told mean things about myself too, and it can be hard not to pick on me.

But you have a job, and this job doesn’t, or at least should not – involve stoking flame wars and insulting your customers, even when those customers act badly. After all, not everyone on these threads acts that way, and yet Respawn casts a very wide net here, involving wrongdoing on the part of its entire player base (or at least the freeloaders). .

To make matters worse, it’s all Respawn’s fault from the get-go. The initial outrage was over the absurd pricing of special event items during the limited-time Iron Cross event. Respawn overloads so blatantly that their position becomes indefensible. Obviously, the reaction to this pricing may be overblown, but that is the nature of the Internet.

In the thread, dko5 writes this:

“There is a wealth of data available on how monetization works in free-to-play games, and we’ve done some testing ourselves by putting skins for sale in the store. The number of people spending is incredibly low, most of them of you are freeloaders (and we love it!) and a price change doesn’t move the needle. “

There’s this freeloader comment. But the rest of the commentary is almost as ridiculous. Apex Legends is a free and expensive game. It’s no surprise that most people don’t spend any money on it given the cost of skins and the severity of most paid cosmetics since their launch (although this is improving).

As the main response to these much-criticized comments notes: “Sales don’t [sic] do anything though. You still have to spend $ 20 on coins to get this item “on sale”. Having an item between $ 10.01 and $ 20.00 always means we have to spend $ 20 whether there is a sale or not, as there is no option to buy coins for 5 or $ 15. it’s a cheap move. “

Apex Legends is a great game and Respawn is a developer that I admire a lot, but they got it all wrong on this one. They’re wrong about how monetization works in free games (a better price would mean more paying players rather than relying so much on a small group of whales) and they’ve put in place a terrible “fix” for the event. Iron Crown (which simply allows you to purchase overpriced cosmetics directly rather than through loot boxes). They apologized for missing the mark when they announced the “fix” and then stomped on all that excuse by attacking their “free” fans.

I guess it’s time for another excuse. Otherwise, they can continue to add fuel to the fire, upset more fans, further tarnish their reputation and all for what? The satisfaction of having a few hits against the trolls? Truly?

You can see all the reddit thread here.

PS by fortnite the skins are also overpriced, but at least they don’t have multiple currencies, loot boxes, special currencies, and loot boxes for limited-time events, and on top of that their skins and cosmetics are all pretty awesome. . You can’t say the same about Apex Legends.

PPS I contacted EA and Respawn for comment.

Update: Respawn CEO Vince Zampella has apologized. Read it here.

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