Thinking of recruiting Falcons players in fantasy football? Read this, first


Where does Matt Ryan rank for you among the QBs at the halfway point?

DR: It’s going to sound absurd to Falcons fans, but Ryan isn’t even considered a fantastic top-five quarterback. This is because the alluring fancy flaggers are the ones who rush a lot in addition to the passes. These statistics really add up. Ryan relies on his arm to do damage, so in order for him to catch up with those rushed numbers he has to throw a ton of yards. Fortunately, that’s something I think he can do this season given the Falcons’ receiving body. That’s why he’s actually a fantastic bargain – his average draft position is at the end of Round 6 on CBS, but I’ve taken Ryan up to Round 10 before. Supply and demand suggest waiting for a quarterback in Fantasy, and Ryan is one of the guys I love to draft when he falls on my lap.

DK: I like him a lot, he’s one of my favorite quarterbacks in this area, if not my favorite quarterback in this area. If you look back to 2018, he was QB2 overall. We’ve seen his cap, he can be really good at fantasy if the stars line up offensively. I think this year things are going to be a lot better for him. Obviously the offensive line suffered injuries last year and that was a big factor. The struggling racing game last year probably had a little effect on him as well. I think overall the offensive ecosystem is going to be this year, and I think that’s going to really help it. And, like I said, he’s going to have the volume, I think. I could see the Falcons in a lot of shootout-type games, and he has one of the best receiving duos in the NFL to pitch to. I think overall it will be a good situation for him to get back into the top five, potentially the top three among quarterbacks. He’s not one of those double-threat quarterbacks that get the upper hand over fantasy because of the hasty rise. He won’t have that, but I think the passing volume and he’s one of the few guys I could easily see leading the league in touchdowns. I think for where he’s going in the draft, I think he’s a strong value and he’s a guy I’m definitely aiming for this year.

I : It’s kind of a pretty clear line for the way the quarters are. There are the six best guys. The two you know up there [Patrick] Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, then there’s a party of four who are all lucky enough to be special. Three can be the cap if the two guys at the top do what they do, or they can be the No.1 quarterback, but that’s [Deshaun] Watson, [Russell] Wilson, [Dak] Prescott and Kyler Murray. Then there’s the quarterback I call the bridge quarterback in Josh Allen, because you know he’s going to run, which helps him. Then you get to the launchers. What I mean by pitchers is the guys who aren’t moving but they’re going to throw for high volume, lots of yards, lots of touchdowns. Especially when you look at guys like Ryan [Tom] Brady, [Drew] Brees, their receiving bodies are all excellent. So Ryan, for me, is at the top of this group. Once again, if Ridley, Julio, and Hayden Hurst do what they’re capable of, he’ll have the chance to have another great year. I think people are looking at it and wondering why wasn’t Ryan better last year despite the Falcons leading the NFL in passing attempts? If they lead the NFL in passing attempts again, he’s lucky to be in the top 5, even if he doesn’t do anything with his legs.

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