TikTok user’s attempt to display McDonald’s meat was a total failure


In his recent McDonald’s video, viewed 1.3 million times so far, TikToker Bryan Johnston presents some conspiracy theories against the world’s largest fast food chain. A false claim that Johnston repeats is that 99% of McDonald’s hamburger meat is a possum. Then, he evokes the myth of the chicken McNugget “pink goop”.

Johnston also tackles the problem he takes most seriously: food waste. “McDonald’s also produces 90,000 tonnes of food waste and garbage each year,” he says in the video. (This number could not be confirmed, but Resource quoted a report from Zero Waste France claiming that McDonald’s uses 1.5 million metric tonnes of packaging worldwide per year.) Johnston concludes by saying he will always go to McDonald’s because he loves their oatmeal. . As a warning without getting out of jail, Johnston wrote in the comments: “THIS IS JUST A CONSPIRACY, don’t chase me McDonald’s, I love you.”

To be clear, Johnston is negotiating on popular but inaccurate misconceptions about McDonald’s meat. On the chain beef faq page on its website, McDonald’s claims its burger meat is 100% beef, with no fillers. On a separate Chicken FAQ page, the channel says it doesn’t use “pink goop” or “pink slime” in any of its foods, and it doesn’t even know how this rumor started.

Either way, the commentators on Johnston’s TikTok video weren’t convinced by his scare-mongering. “If it’s good, I’m going to eat it anyway,” said one commentator, echoing statements from several others. However, at least one commentator has learned something from Johnston’s TikTok: “Hol up… McDonald’s has OATMEAL? “

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