Training camps, raids on hospitals and threats of arrest of doctors: the militarization of the British no vaxes worries Johnson

THE no vax British they move on to armed struggle. A journalist from Daily mail infiltrated a group frequented by citizens of the Kingdom opposed to the vaccination he organizes paramilitary training camps guided by army veterans British. At the beginning of January, a hundred people, mostly middle aged white menthey participated in a park Staffordshire to the trainings of kick boxingexercises for walking in formation and techniques of cross the police lines in the squares. They are all members of a Telegram chat, Alpha men gatherjust born last month but grown to be approximately 8 thousand subscribers after the success of a first training camp on a beach of West Sussexend December.

Organizers urged those present to prepare direct actiona “war” against the government, etc. hitting vaccination centers, schools, public health officials. The Alpha Men also raise funds to promote thehome education of childrenkeeping them away from public schools and “State Indoctrination”. Among the guardians there would be not only no-vax activists, but also former members of the neo-fascist party British National Party. To confirm the political faith of the group, messages from the Telegram channel are often shared in the chat tommy robinsonformer leader with the multiple prejudices of far right.

Although the Alpha Men denied having violent ends and pretend to conduct exercises for fun goal and to cement the bonds of friendship,anti-terrorism from London follows with concern the growing trend militarization of the most radical no-vax. Last August, another investigation by the Daily mail uncovered a network of 200 ex-military personnel obsessed with weapons and conspiracy theories about vaccines, Veterans for Freedomwho spoke of attacking vaccination centers and health personnel, blocking supermarkets demanding vaccination certificates and sending “Rapid Reaction Forces” in schools when children are vaccinated. Reports of health security threats are regularly brought to the attention of the Prime Minister himself Boris Johnsonrevealed the Guardian.

In Britain, a vast has indeed coagulated anti-lockdown movement and no-vax, led by grassroots leaders like Piers Corbynwhat prompted set fire to parliamentarians’ offices against “the introduction of the new fascism”, and the former nurse Kate Shemiraniwho last summer turned mobs against health workers, convicted of killing patients like Nazi doctorsto the point of causing the evacuation of a vaccination hub and a shopping center Brighton during a tense demonstration.

But new bands like Alpha Men seem determined to make a breakthrough in the battle without vax. They mock Piers Corbyn’s protests, deemed too peaceful and derided as “walks in the park”, and are influenced by American conspiracy theories on imports even more extreme, like QAnon and especially the ideology of sovereign citizens. Developed in the United States in the late 1970s, the sovereign citizen movement recognized no legal authority above the sheriff of the county and gradually evolved into a dangerous armed anti-government militia, although very fragmented. During the first lockdown, the ideas of American sovereign citizens easily took hold in the UK, which does not have a rigid written constitution, but a complex set of laws and statutes that have settled over centuries. The Alpha Men themselves describe themselves as “free-thinking men and women who live as sovereign beings under common law,” the so-called common lawthe age-old English legal tradition in which the primary source of law is not the legislature, but the precedents of case law.

In recent months, there have been numerous episodes of sovereign citizens breaking into hospitals and vaccination centers by referring to medieval customary laws considered legally superior to the standards currently in force in the country.
On January 15, no-vax entered a vaccination center in watford self-proclamation ushers“Constables” and declare military doctors under arrest for high treason. In December, a group of pandemic deniers attempted to remove a hospital from liverpool a elderly people sick with Covid to save it from “genocide” and threatened to arrest nurses on behalf of common law. On August 18, a policeman was injured as about 20 sovereign citizens tried to seize the Castle of Edinburgh remove the statues and “False Pedophile Laws” and restore the common law. Even the former striker Newcastle and the English national team, Alain Shearerbecame a sports commentator, found himself in the crosshairs for having promoted the need for the third dose on television: on December 23, a small group of people appeared in front of his old home address to deliver him a pseudo remains legal.

For more than a year, opponents of health restrictions and vaccination have called onMagna Carta Section 61, the bill of rights granted by Giovanni Senza Terra in 1215, to justify disobedience to state laws and claim the right to choose which laws to obey. The clause guaranteed the right of rebellion and the acquisition of lands, castles and royal possessions in the event of violation of the Statute. It was immediately repealed the following year and was valid only for twenty-five specific English barons, all now deceased, it goes without saying. It therefore has no legal value. The myth of Article 61 and righteous rebellion against the government has found a way to survive among the no-vax. They organize themselves online training courses for the police common law and a sovereign citizen liberation site identity documents and fake driver’s licensein addition to providing alleged legal advice for appeals to the courts, already largely rejected by justice.

In short, the penetration of American conspiracy theories and the growing trend towards militarization threaten to turn the British no-vax galaxy into an incubator of anti-government extremism. A nightmarish American scenario that it is now up to the anti-terrorist units of the Ministry of the Interior to ward off.

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