Treatment of Aztech Forgotten Gods film infused with Mexican mythology – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Impossible Dream Entertainment and Lienzo Gaming Studio have teamed up on Aztech, a Latinx-themed live-action feature film based on the upcoming video game Aztec forgotten gods.

Producers are Yvette Yates Redick of Impossible Dream Entertainment and Shaun Redick, the latter having produced BlacKkKlansman and Get out, with Lienzo Gaming Studio and Carlos Yates executive producers. They will buy it shortly.

Impossible dream

The premise is a revisionist historical account of Aztec history, peppered with an alien antagonist. In what sounds like Mexico and Central America’s response to Wakanda, European powers never reached the shores of ancient Mesoamerica. The story takes place in a future where the Aztec Empire was never conquered and flourished into a hyper-advanced and cutting-edge civilization. The capital of the Aztec Empire, Tenochtitlan, flourished for centuries as a stone metropolis, technologically high but strongly rooted in the ways of the natives of the land.

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That is, until supernatural beings suddenly begin to converge on the ancient city, fooling those who live there by posing as ancient Aztec gods like the feathered serpent deity Quetzalcoatl or Mictlantecuhtli the Lord of the Underworld. Their objective is to enslave the inhabitants. Seeing through their cunning is an unlikely heroine in her twenties named Achtli, whose arm has been replaced by a powerful ancient stone weapon similar to a gauntlet. She leads the opposition and uncovers the mystery behind these beings.

Yvette yates redick

Yates Redick

The game, created by Guillermo Vizcaino de Lienzo, will be released on all major gaming platforms at the end of the summer.

Redick and Yates Redick wanted to find an original property steeped in Mexican and Latin American mythology and headed to the games studio based in Chihuahua, Mexico. Lienzo had recent success with Mulaka and they forged the partnership.

Impossible Dream produced separately Day shift, a movie starring Jamie Foxx as a vampire hunter for Netflix. This franchise is already in spinoff talk, the producers said. Likewise, the hope here is to eventually use the mythology for spinoff series and an anime film.

Courtesy of Lienzo

“With Aztech, it’s fun to imagine what world-building can be achieved through the many multidimensional characters, mythology and vast cultural intrigues, ”said Redick.

Yates Redick added, “As a Latina grower and with roots in Chihuahua, Mexico, I am proud to collaborate with Lienzo and highlight the legends and rich history of Mexico with Aztech. “

Lienzo sparked “a Mexican story with a Mexican team,” game writer Vizcaino said. “There is such a rich history behind the Aztecs, and merging with a futuristic anime-inspired story gave us the chance to create something truly special.”

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