Trump’s 2020 Campaign Strategy: Psychological Warfare (Opinion)

Four years later, here we are again. President Trump, once again, claims without merit that the entire electoral system is “rigged” to favor his opponent, now Joe Biden, and will not engage to respect the result. This is still not the way democracy works. But now we know better. Trump has little interest in or respect for the democratic process.
Since appearing on the political scene, Trump has openly declared his contempt for democracy. His Characterization 2017 Constitutional checks and balances on executive power as “archaic … really a bad thing for the country,” was a clue that came early in his presidency. His role models appear to be authoritarian rulers whom he praised as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who claim to maintain open societies but in fact use democratic institutions like elections to stay in power.
The manipulation of information has always been the key to the success of authoritarians. Such leaders do not just disseminate propaganda at breakneck speed, but deftly withhold information that defeats their primary purpose: to stay in power. The over 20,000 lies and misleading allegations, According to the Washington Post, spat by Trump since taking office has attracted a lot of attention, but what he refused to disclose is also notable.
From the eternal mystery of his tax returns (which we still don’t have) to the records of companies receiving pandemic stimulus loans (which Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called “proprietary information” in front of the Small Business Administration published data in July), at what trump says When he meets Russian President Vladimir Putin, his administration stands out for everything it tries to avoid telling the public. The 2020 election results can fall into this category.
Trump’s disregard for transparency and accountability, two fundamental tenets of democracy, partly explains this situation. Like all authoritarians, the president does not believe he is serving the people; on the contrary, people serve him, stroking his ego and supposedly enriching his private enterprises. The Campaign Legal Center, a non-partisan campaign finance watchdog, accused the Trump campaign of breaking campaign finance laws by “laundering” tens of millions of dollars in donations across multiple companies. (A spokesperson for the Trump campaign said it was in compliance with all campaign finance laws and FEC regulations.)
Trump only cares about serving the Americans who support him, although even his most staunch supporters should remain as dependent on him as possible and be wary of everyone and everything in between. To this end, peddling confusion and amplifying conspiracy theories, as he does regularly, Is usefull. Having supporters who risk their lives for him by attending his rallies, unmasked, during a pandemic is a boost.
The unprecedented barrage of disinformation about the US electoral system that he unleashed as president has a place here. Him, without proof, postal vote tars – newly popular due to the pandemic – as susceptible to fraud and forgery. This is just one point of discussion in a wider psychological warfare campaign designed to reduce trust in all institutions that support inquiry, fact-based argumentation and disk data.
Donald Trump has just told us that our democracy is in danger - from him
The hurry, members of intelligence and national security agencies and scientists who study climate change and Covid-19 all have been the subject of smear campaigns and accusations of bias or fraud. Now that line of attack appears to be focused on election results, surely leaving many American voters unsure whether their votes will even be counted.
This is due to the fact some of the scenarios that election experts assume that Trump is “delaying time,” or exploit the extra time needed to count postal ballots. Combined with slowdowns or confiscations due to fraud and misconduct charges, this could delay any firm results by the December 14 deadline, which is the end of the 41-day window mandated by the law on the electoral count.

States could then nominate voters – in the current GOP, Republican-led states would likely nominate Trump followers – whose votes would replace those cast at the ballot box.

It would probably go very well with the president, who recently floated his own authoritarian solution in the next elections: “get rid of the ballots and you will have a very … there will be no transfer [of power to Biden], frankly. There will be a sequel. ”Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and press secretary Kayleigh McEnany responded to Trump’s refusal to say whether he would accept the election results by both. assure the public that there would be a peaceful transfer of power.

But Trump has been anything but peaceful. Strong men succeed when they are able to convince people that the truth is unknowable – especially election results which might force them out of power – and that governance is best left in the hands of those who speak out. and act for them. We cannot let this happen in America.

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