& TV to preview ‘Baal Shiv’ on August 31


Mumbai: Hindi GEC & TV will launch its new mythological show “Baal Shiv” on August 31st. Lord Mahadev’s “Baal Roop” story will air Monday through Friday at 8pm.

Produced by ZEE Studios, the show will describe the untold mythical story of mother and son, Mahasati Anusuya and Baal Shiv and their eternal bond.

Baal Shiv presents Aan Tiwari as Baal Shiv, Mouli Ganguly as Mahasati Anusuya, Siddharth Arora as Mahadev, Shivya Pathania as Devi Parvati, Krrip Kapur Suri as Asur Andhak, Praneet Bhatt as Narad Muni, Danish Akhtar Saifi as Nandi, Dakhssid Anjita Poonia as Indrani, Ravi Khanvilkar as Archarya Dandpani, Rajeev Bhardwaj as Rishi Atri and Pallavi Pradhan as Maina Devi, among others.

“Indian mythology is a treasure trove of extraordinary tales and our fascination with them is limitless,” said Vishnu Shankar, CEO of & TV. “We have all grown up hearing them so many times and yet we never miss an opportunity to see them again. Among these are the legends and tales of Lord Shiva and his various avatars. However, there is one ‘ roop ‘which we rarely talk about and it’s his’ Baal Roop’. “

“At & TV, we are proud to present for the first time on Indian television this untold and untold story of ‘Mahadev’s Baal Roop’ through our show ‘Baal Shiv’. Through this show we want to tell the story of his childhood and the beautiful relationship he shares with his mother Anusuya. We invite all our viewers and devout devotees of Lord Shiva to watch and enjoy it wholeheartedly, “he added.

Anshul Khullar, Commercial Director of ZEE Studios, said: “We all grew up listening to stories of Lord Shiva, but this endearing story of ‘Baal Shiv’ is a welcome change in the mythological space of Indian television. The energy and excitement with which this project is being developed is unparalleled. “

“I am very happy to be a part of the series and to play the role of Baal Shiv. Lord Shiva is my favorite deity and I adore him. I know his ‘stutis’ by heart and I can recite them effortlessly,” he said. said Aan Tiwari.

“The character of Anusuya is one of the most important roles in the series. She is the perfect balance between compassion and determination. As the headmistress of Gurukul, Anusuya takes care of her children as hers, conveys the best. of her knowledge and cultivates discipline in them “, commented Mouli Ganguly.” She did not have any children of her own. So she performed severe penance and received the blessing of being the mother of Tridev. Her unwavering faith and dedication to her husband earned her the title of Mahasati.

Siddharth Arora said: “I have this undying belief that one does not choose the role of Lord Shiva. It comes to them as a blessing from him! It is obvious how blessed I feel to have been chosen. to try out the character of Lord Shiv. He is not the typical portrayal of what audiences have seen before. Viewers will be able to see a different side of him in the show. I am from Banaras, the land of spirituality, and Shivji has been a big part of my life. I grew up listening to his stories and he is without a doubt one of the most revered gods on my side of the family and also personally for me. I could not have been able to ask for something more meaningful than trying out your onscreen character. “

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