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James Wendelberger, left, and Earl Lawrence have been named Fellows by the American Statistical Association. Photo courtesy of LANL


Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers Earl Lawrence and James Wendelberger, both from the laboratory’s statistical sciences group, have been named Fellows by the American Statistical Association (ASA).

“I am delighted to see Earl and James recognized by the American Statistical Association and congratulate them both,” said Irene Qualters, associate director of the simulation and computation laboratory. “Less than one percent of ASA members are elected as fellows, and this honor reflects their contributions to the field of statistical science. Peer recognition is an important aspect of science and no one is more deserving than Earl and James. ”

Lawrence was selected “for innovative methodological development, advancement of statistical methods in challenges of high importance in science and national security, outstanding service to the statistical profession, and mentoring the next generation of statistician.” Wendelberger was selected “for his lasting impact on statistical applications in business, industry and government, the dissemination of statistical knowledge to various audiences, and service to the American Statistical Association as a leader of several sections. and chapters. “

The newly elected fellows will be recognized at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Seattle in August.

About the fellows
Earl Lawrence works on data analysis problems of all types, in particular problems that build statistical models around simulations performed on massive supercomputers. This work consists in adapting statistical spatio-temporal models to the output of series of simulations, then in comparing these models with physical data in order to estimate the uncertainty of the inputs and outputs of the simulation.

Lawrence completed his doctorate. in Statistics from the University of Michigan in 2005. He has since been a member of the Los Alamos Statistical Sciences Group. During this time, he worked with collaborators in fields such as cosmology, nuclear theory, space weather, materials science, infrastructure networks, Martian geology, and nuclear weapons. In 2020, he becomes the group leader of statistical sciences.

James wendelberger Joined the Laboratory in 2013 as a scientist in the Responsibility and Control of Nuclear Materials group, where he contributed to nuclear material accounting. In 2016, he joined the Statistical Sciences group, where he works on a wide range of interdisciplinary surveys, including the sampling of underground waste reservoirs, plutonium batteries for space applications and the reprocessing of nuclear material in pellets can be stored safely.

Wendelberger obtained his doctorate. in Statistics in 1982 with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he also received his Masters in Statistics and BA Honors, majoring in Mathematics and Physics. Wendelberger is an American Statistical Association PSTAT Accredited Professional Statistician.

About ASA Fellows
The designation of ASA Fellow has been an important honor for nearly 100 years. Under the statutes of the ASA, the Fellows Committee may elect up to one-third of one percent of the total membership of the association as fellows each year.

To be selected, applicants must have an established reputation and have made outstanding contributions to statistical science. The Fellows Committee assesses the contributions of each candidate to the advancement of statistical science and gives due consideration to the following:

• Published works

• Position held with the employer

• ASA activities

• Membership and achievements in other societies

• Professional activities

Learn more about ASA here.

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