US town plans to change name to Kush, slang for marijuana

Colorado town of Moffat considering proposal to rename it Kush

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  • The southern Colorado town of Moffat might be renamed Kush, a slang term for marijuana.
  • It is seen as a rebranding effort to ride the wave of cannabis tourism.
  • There is speculation that Lucknow might also change its name, just for a different reason.
A town in Colorado in the United States is considering changing its name from Moffat to Kush, in honor of the local marijuana industry. Beat that, Yogi Adityanath.

Cities are renamed every day, either because their former names were considered “offensive” or because people think they don’t fully represent a place’s heritage. India is no stranger to this phenomenon.

You would often see a shift from historically Indo-Persian names to more Desi versions or something that aligns with the collective “identity” of us Indians.

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However, Mike Biggio, and we’re not making this up, co-founder of Area 420, a 420-acre business park in Moffat, proposed that the board rename the town to Kush, a slang term for grass.

The proposal can be seen as a rebranding effort to cash in on lucrative cannabis tourism after recent reports indicated the industry’s market value was around $17 billion.

Area 420 is home to 70 cannabis grow operations and marijuana-related businesses, UPI reported.

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“I’m looking to make this a world-class cannabis region,” Mike told the Denver Post.

He presented his proposal to the Moffat board at a meeting on Tuesday evening and is waiting for the board to vote on the suggestion at its next meeting.

Cassandra Foxx, mayor of the town of 100, reportedly indicated she was fine with the name change.

“Change is always good,” Foxx said. “The most dangerous phrase is: ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ It is the death of society.”

Meanwhile, closer to home, there is speculation that Lucknow could be renamed Lakshmanpuri after Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in one of his recent tweets referred to the capital as the holy city state of Laxman, a younger brother of Lord Ram, according to Hindu mythology.
This follows a historic renaming sequence which saw Allahabad’s name changed to Prayagraj and Faizabad renamed Ayodha.

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