US Treasury releases climate change action plan


On October 7, 2021, the US Department of the Treasury released the Treasury Climate Action Plan, which represents the Treasury’s efforts to “strengthen the adaptation and increase the resilience of its facilities and operations to the impacts of change. climate ”.

Commenting on the publication, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said “climate change is not just a specter on the horizon, a problem for future generations.”

It is a current challenge, and we must adapt.

She continued.

The Treasury Climate Action Plan explains how our department should begin to change the way we work so that while we face the growing effects of climate change, our ability to serve the American people does not.

Yellen said.

The U.S. Treasury said it anticipates climate change will continue to be a significant global challenge and that aspects of its mission and operations will be affected by global warming, sea level rise, increased intensity and frequency of major weather events and energy impacts. availablity.

According to the US Treasury, the Climate Action Plan establishes five priority areas for action:

  • Rebuild programs and capacities that may have atrophied or stagnated in recent years

  • Address climate change impacts and vulnerabilities across departmental operations, including administrative, manufacturing and law enforcement activities

  • Ensure a climate-driven approach to manage the footprint of the Treasury real estate portfolio

  • Allow purchasing management to take fully into account the realities of climate change

  • Provide, measure and account for a financial investment approach appropriate to the climate objectives of the Ministry.

The US Treasury said that in addition to the priority areas above, the Treasury will monitor climate change data and science to adjust policies, programs and activities to improve its resilience and adaptation to risks and impacts. climatic.

A statement from the US Treasury said:

Guided by planned changes to federal procurement regulations, the Treasury will work to shape its procurement policies to prioritize climate change and environmental justice in purchasing decisions. The Treasury will also launch its Climate Literacy Initiative which will address the significant loss of expertise and general knowledge on the part of the workforce through education and dissemination of information developed specifically for this critical need.

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