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Several steps are taken by the UT Government of Ladakh in the process of its establishment since it became a Union Territory in October 2019. Ladakh has its own uniqueness in that it is the largest territory in the union of the country although the second least populated which is scattered across the cold desert demanding a resolution of its economic problems adapted to its needs. As it is said elsewhere that the process of development is a continuous phenomenon and Ladakh is struggling to emerge as a rapidly developing region, the process of which has gained momentum in the past couple of years, however, more in addition to growing areas that require special attention and close monitoring. at the highest levels. Obviously, in this context, the assistance, administrative and economic, of the central government to the UT of Ladakh for the promotion of agriculture, pillar of the economy of Ladakh, medical facilities and accessibility of health care health, education, tourism-related infrastructure, training and research in various fields, the promotion of entrepreneurship and the creation of small industrial craft units, is absolutely necessary given its own very limited resources, but without ever undermining its strategic importance.
It is likely that various proposals will be sent from the UT government to the central government and those that remain pending for various reasons require concerted follow up and it is entirely in the order of things that the Lieutenant Governor takes it upon himself to get most of them approved. by personally visiting the relevant ministries of the Union. It is heartening to note that wildlife clearance has been granted for the clearance of many outstanding critical issues. Manpower problem in various departments, even in administrative positions although being regularly supported in Ladakh, there is still a lot to be done, for example in terms of increasing the number of forest service officers Indians in UT for which the Union Department of Forestry has assured that necessary action is being taken. taken in this sense. It is pertinent to note that although the forest cover in the Ladakh region is limited due to the harsh climate, yet there is vast potential for the planting of important trees like poplar, willow, apple, apricot and walnut, etc. for which the strength of manpower and the training and research facilities at the Forestry Department are needed.
There is a need to take more welfare and social security measures for the workers with regard to the provision of medical facilities for which the establishment of a hospital under the insurance scheme of the State of employees is imperative in addition to providing mobile medical units to effectively take care of the impact of incidences of illness, maternity, etc. Also in this context, efforts are being made in addition to exploring the possibilities of providing the facilities of open learning to ensure increased levels of literacy and flexible learning covering more segments within the curriculum and it is It is encouraging to note that following consideration of the matter at the central government level, a National Institute of Open Learning (NIOS) office is to be established in Ladakh in the current month. Otherwise also, to promote education up to senior secondary level, all public schools in Ladakh have been recognized by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Related issues related to education, including the appointment of vice chancellors for the Central Institute of Buddhist Studies (CIBS) and others, having also been discussed with relevant union ministries, will expedite their resolution.
The positive sides of the matter are that Ladakh is gaining from occupying its niche in solar energy and its large-scale exploitation as it is known as the “roof of the world” with abundant sunlight and fresh air and the setting instead of renewable energy. The 10 GW capacity park planned to span 20,000 acres of land would change the face of electricity availability in Ladakh. Tourism related facilities especially air connectivity between various tourist spots in Ladakh etc. are also being explored with encouraging results especially tourism boom creating many job opportunities in the region. However, efforts like those recently made by the Lieutenant Governor in personally addressing certain issues/status of various pending projects etc. with the central government are really going to give quite encouraging results. The problem of waste management, however, requires special attention as it has become a serious problem with looming fears of serious side effects on the fragile environment and poor disposal management of generated garbage and plastic waste. should also be supported by the government of Ladakh. with the central government on a priority basis to help solve the problem through scientific elimination.

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