Watch: ‘The Shining’ Cast in Rare Behind-the-Scenes Video


As is the case with many horror films, Stanley Kubrick’s production The brilliant (1980) gained an infamous reputation. The combination of the legendary director’s unique working style and odd source material made the film the subject of many rumors. Although some aspects of the way The brilliant was made will likely remain a mystery, the behind-the-scenes footage gives us an idea of ​​life on set.

In this video– edited and directed by director’s daughter Vivian Kubrick – you can watch Stanley Kubrick, Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall bring the supernatural story of Stephen King to life. It shows Nicholson and Duvall rehearsing their lines and stepping into character as the deranged Guardian of the Overlook Hotel and his tormented wife. Kubrick, who was known for his meticulous directing, can be seen putting together some of the film’s most iconic plans. The featurette even looks at how some gruesome special effects were achieved; in one footage, the crew members are shown wiping fake blood from the ensemble’s floor.

The brilliantThe production suffered from many obstacles, including tensions between Kubrick and Duvall and a massive fire that destroyed several sets. When the film premiered in 1980, it encountered a mixed reception. Overtime, The brilliant has become considered a classic of its kind and a highlight of the careers of Kubrick, Nicholson and Duvall.

If you believe The brilliant is the key to moon landing conspiracy theories or just a great horror movie, you can find something to enjoy in the video below. Here are more facts about The brilliant you should know.

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