Which horror movie villain are you according to your zodiac sign?


Have you ever watched a horror movie and instead of feeling completely disgusted by the villain’s actions, did you understand where they came from? If so, then you are not alone.

Some of the backstory for these characters is very relevant – so much so that each zodiac sign can relate to their underlying feelings (with the exception of the haunting, murder, and possession of their actions. ). As you celebrate this haunted season with Halloween movies and shows galore, read on to see which horror movie villain aligns with your zodiac sign.


Patrick Bateman from American psychopath

Winning isn’t everything, but it’s for every Aries and Patrick Bateman. Both have an innate need to climb the corporate ladder, to rub shoulders with the elite, to have the best of everything (this includes business cards, fancy lunch dates with the most popular pals of their team and reservations at trendy restaurants) and act crimes of passion.

© Lions Gate / Courtesy of Everett Collection


Queen Akasha of Queen of the damned

One of the worst things you can do to a Taurus is wake them from sleep. Lioncourt’s vampire Lestat selfishly wants to continue playing rock music, which causes Queen Akasha to wake up from a century of slumber. That’s why she’s so cranky and determined to take back control of Lestat, the vampire community, and destroy anything that stands in her way – a sentiment any Bull can relate to.

Warner Brothers. Courtesy of Everett Collection.


Adelaide Wilson / Red from We

We all have two parts of ourselves. Gemini fully understands this notion because they are the twin star in the zodiac. This film plays on the idea of ​​honoring the shadow self and the true self, bringing “the Tethered” and OG versions of humans to face to face in this tale that will remind Geminians of honor both aspects of their personality at all. times, unlike Adelaide and Red (which are the same, but not really).

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