Why Dragon Ball Super’s Bardock Retcons are hurting the franchise


Dragon Ball Super continues to soften Bardock’s character, and although Goku’s father is a minor character, retcons now damage Goku himself.

Are Dragon ball superBardock returns are becoming a problem, or is that something fans should be expecting now? Goku’s Saiyan legacy has remained unknown to Dragon ball fans until Raditz’s arrival brings the hero’s origins to the surface. It wasn’t until the 1990s Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – Goku’s Father, however, that another family member has been disclosed. Bardock then made an appearance in Time in 2011 Bardock episode, and enjoyed even greater importance thanks to Dragon ball supermany flashback sequences.

As a fan favorite character for over 30 years, more of Bardock in Dragon ball super is not a bad thing. Essentially a tougher, angrier version of Goku, Bardock has a chip on his shoulder and Vegeta’s hardened combat experience. The problem does not lie in Dragon ball super give to fans Following Bardock, but how Dragon ball super modified Bardock’s characterization. At its beginnings Dragon ball z Period stories, Bardock was portrayed as a Saiyan in the classic mold – brimming with sheer rage, ruthless as he destroyed planets, and overly proud. In the Dragon ball super at the time, it was not.

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2018 Dragon Ball Super: Broly flashbacks have shown Bardock to take a more caring attitude towards his family – still a warrior, but devoid of the traditional bloodlust of his Saiyan brethren, and no more of a bad father than Goku himself. At the very least, Bardock loved his family enough to make “Jor-El” Goku safe on Earth in a pod. The Dragon ball super The manga, meanwhile, made Bardock’s personality even softer around the edges, with the Granola the Survivor arc revealing how Goku’s father once saved a mother and child from Frieza’s henchmen by turning himself in. recalling his own family on the planet Vegeta.

Dragon ball super clearly breaks Bardock’s continuity in order to repaint Goku’s father as a hero – and that’s not a huge problem in itself. Bardock’s story is only told via the 1990 film special and Bardock episode, which already stood on fragile canonical ground. Given its limited presence in the Dragon ball franchise, transforming Bardock from the savage Saiyan to the reluctant antihero isn’t a particularly significant rewrite. Dragon ball superBardock’s returns actually become problematic due to how Goku’s story changes as a result. Ever since Goku’s Saiyan lineage was revealed, Dragon ball mythology has told how the protagonist’s innate warrior instincts were dashed after a bump to the head. Grandpa Gohan then instilled morals and kindness into the young boy, making Goku the character. Dragon ball fans know and love.

Now, Dragon ball super reframe Goku’s story, attributing the past 35 years of heroism to a biological trait inherited from a father he never knew. This reverses the reason for Goku’s trip to the wild, rather than feeding – suggesting that although the young Saiyan didn’t have a bump on his head and never met Grandpa Gohan, he always would have become the same man because of Bardock. Not only is Dragon ball sticking a giant middle finger on Grandpa Gohan’s parenthood, but the rewrite means Goku never chose his path – it was predestined. Whether or not this retcon weakens Goku’s character is entirely subjective, but there’s no denying it. Dragon ball changed the raison d’être of its protagonist in the first place.

Dragon ball the creator, Akira Toriyama, is no stranger to a retcon, from the beards of Goku and Vegeta to the tingling Super Saiyan. Most of these deviations are superficial at best and boring at worst, but tracing Goku’s inner goodness back to Bardock represents a fundamental rearrangement of Dragon ball mythology.

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