Why McDonald’s Sprite Tastes ‘Spicy’ As The Drink Goes Viral

Memes promoting McDonald’s Sprite are widely circulated online, with customers calling the soda “spicy” and literally audible.

The Golden Arches is world famous with its Big Mac and Happy Meals, but the lemon drink takes on a life of its own online.

The Sprite beverage brand, which is owned by the Coca-Cola Company, is simply served in the fast food chain. Although it is available for purchase in stores and supermarkets, many people seem to argue that sparkling soda seems to taste different when served at McDonald’s.

Various memes have circulated online over the past few months, while McDonald’s has continued to fan the flames surrounding its Sprite mythos by releasing its own versions.

On Wednesday, the official Twitter account shared a snap of dinosaurs and a giant Sprite mug, alluding to the drink that wiped out prehistoric beasts.

The day before, customer @nice_two simply shared a photo of themselves holding a cup of pop, which they captioned, “Good luck to me….”

The tweet has been liked more than 100,000 times, as the official Sprite account responded, saying, “Someone’s been checking this man for 11 hours.”

And customer friend, @2kggrinders2posted a video recording what his Sprite looked like, with the clip viewed over 150,000 times.

“I had a McDonald’s sprite and literally heard this mf sizzle, haven’t had one since lmao,” he said.

Sharing their comments on the drink, Luna asked, “Man why is it spicy.”

MEMEKEEPER wrote: “Don’t take a sip my boy that’s sprite concentrate.”

Prince Spellman said: “McDonalds Sprite will take a sip from you instead of you taking a sip fr lol.”

NUFF commented, “McDonald’s Sprite can probably fry fish.”

While Father Box added, “Someone said McDonald’s sprite tastes like what Super Saiyan 2 looks like.”

And beloved Maxx said, “I don’t know how to explain it, but it feels like a firecracker went off in your mouth.”

Other customers also shared their own memes, including shots of melted computers attributed to the Sprite spill, disintegrating faces and a glowing figure, also referencing the drink.

In January, the official McDonald’s account shared a break static seen on old TVs, which has been liked 18,000 times, saying, “McDonald’s sprite looks like.”

While in August 2021, the account tweeted: “A sip of McDonald’s Sprite is like ____.” This post has been posted around 11,000 times as people have come up with their own wacky theories.

McDonald’s recognizes the notoriety of Sprite, as a spokesperson said Newsweek: “You may have heard the Sprite at McDonald’s just different.”

They said a combination of factors contribute to its tangy taste, including Sprite’s filtering and pre-chilling of water and syrup, as well as carefully calculated ratios and a wider straw, allowing for more liquid to reach your paddle for the initial kick.

They said Newsweek“Truth be told, when we serve the fan favorite, we simply follow the steps of our friends at Coca-Cola – and then add a little McDonald’s magic – to ensure a tasty, standard fountain drink for our fans.

“We usually keep it secret, but this includes filtering and pre-chilling all Sprite water and syrup before it enters our dispensing fountains, with the syrup ratio set to allow ice to melt.

“We also keep our drink fountain system cold so your drink is always refreshing. And we can’t forget the straw – it’s slightly wider than a typical straw so whatever Sprite taste can hit your taste buds taste.”

Sprite is served in four sizes, with the website stating, “Sprite is a delicious lemon and lime fountain drink and is available in extra small, small, medium and large sizes. Sprite is a caffeine-free soda that makes the perfect addition to any McDonald’s combo meal.

“There are 140 calories in a small Sprite at McDonald’s.” While the ingredients are listed as: “Carbonated Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Sodium Benzoate (to protect taste).”

McDonald’s and Sprite meals. The drink is going viral online as people refer to it as “spicy”.
McDonald’s/Getty Images/Joe Raedle

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