Why the GOP beats the Democrats


The GOP has beaten the pants of the Democrats in Virginia. That’s what he does in far too many off-year elections. These victories are not an aberration. The GOP has a focused and disciplined game plan that has never changed and will not change for 2022.

Theories fly fast and furiously. Democrats lose because the GOP knows how to manipulate voters with doggy whistles, code words, or outright calls to racial and sexist fears as the critical bogus issue of racial theory.

The GOP shamelessly rigs the election and then follows it up with a massive voter suppression. He has Trump-friendly media behind him to openly and subtly brutalize and demean Democrats. He sticks to his program and does not compromise with the Democrats. While the timid and weak Democrats eternally try to have some fun with the GOP.

Cited as classic evidence, Mitch McConnell categorically said no to President Obama’s constitutional right to choose a Supreme Court replacement, and Obama obediently complied.

And there is more to it. Start with the basic GOP base. The big myth is that there aren’t enough less educated, blue-collar, rural whites in the electorate to push GOP candidates for President and Congress consistently.

But elections are almost always won by candidates with a strong and passionate electoral bloc. In the case of the GOP, these voters, along with white males in general and older, middle-income, college-educated voters, vote consistently and faithfully, by a much higher percentage than Hispanics and Americans. black people, and especially young voters. In 2016 and 2020, Trump secured the base of blue-collar workers and unqualified rural white people from the GOP. But he also got a lot of votes from middle-class white men and women, college graduates, businessmen and professionals.

Many voters still wanted what motivated Obama’s victory in 2008: change. Many also distrust Democrats, seeing them as the party that has caved in to minorities on spending and social programs at the expense of middle-class taxpayers and especially working-class whites.

There is more. Democrats are a coalition party. It has been so since 1932, when FDR united blacks, whites from the south, blue collar workers from the north, ethnic immigrant groups and farmers in a winning coalition. The makeup of the coalition has changed and changed over time, but the nature of the party has not. The actors in the coalition are now blacks, Hispanics, LGBTs, college educated white youth and commuters, especially women, progressives and corporate wheel merchants on the ring road.

They bring many different views, perspectives and agendas, which often leads to conflict and division. These are the variables that, more than any naked voter suppression, do not inspire a stampede at the polls in out-of-year elections.

The GOP, on the other hand, does not have such a problem. It is an uncompromising, disciplined ideological party that maintains order in the ranks and sticks to its program without wavering. The slightest deviation from the party’s marching order leads to instant reprisals.

There’s another reason the GOP wins: it takes off-year elections seriously. He continually engages his base. Whether it’s an issue with a school board, a river basin district, or a tax, it bombards its supporters with emails, texts and social media. He organizes town halls and gatherings. It is not based on chance, but hammers the main supporters on the importance of action.

Hurry up. November 2022 is fast approaching. The message for Democrats is simple: learn how to win an off-year election or watch the GOP fight again.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst.

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