Will Ireland’s Covid Restrictions Easing Soon? Irish Pub Closing Time Update by Taoiseach

The cabinet is expected to meet on Wednesday with close contact rules high on the agenda amid Omicron’s push.

Current advice from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control allows for shorter periods of isolation when there is significant pressure on society and healthcare in particular.

The government is due to receive public health advice on the matter before making a decision on Wednesday.

No other restrictions are expected to be relaxed at this early stage, nor does the Taoiseach expect any to be reinstated amid a daily case count of 20,000.

Mr Martin said he was confident the country could cross the Omicron wave without any other restrictions.

He said: “I’m at this point and it says we want to give him another week or two.

“We haven’t peaked yet and Covid has seen a lot of twists and turns, but I have no doubts that if we maintain the same focus, we can get through this wave.”

Mr Martin also said Dr Holohan told him the peak of the Omicron wave could be in two weeks.

He said: “Over 1,000 in hospital, luckily the conversion to intensive care is not at the same level as it would have been last year or in different waves.

“We need a little more time to wait to be sure.

Taoiseach, Michael Martin

“We’re still not at the top of this wave, it’s still on an upward trajectory but so far I think the country is handling that.

“We have to stick with it and I urge people in this context to get the booster shot.”

Pubs call for end of closing time at 8 p.m.

Hotel bosses say the current measures in place, including that all restaurants, bars and cafes must close at 8 p.m. and enforce strict social distancing, should be reviewed immediately.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Star, Mr Cummins said: ‘We are awaiting the lifting of the curfew. We need to see the scientific evidence around the 8 hour restrictions.

“Al fresco dining and alfresco hospitality must be reactivated immediately. A lot of companies invest huge sums of money in it to be able to dine al fresco.

“We need the resumption of normal trading hours. We need to see the evidence as to why the restrictions were introduced.

“The Taoiseach has ruled him out for this week, but that doesn’t mean he can’t stand up the following week.

“Restaurants are still struggling after Christmas time. “

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