Wonder Woman’s 10 weirdest friendships in DC Comics


Wonder Woman made her DC Comics debut in 1941 and after 80 years in the zeitgeist of pop culture she has become arguably the most iconic female superhero. Known for her fight for love, truth, peace and justice, Diana Prince is a beacon of hope to people around the world.

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She has lived many lives and met even more allies along the way. Many of Diana’s relationships are formed on Themiscyra with her fellow Amazons, but there are also many friendships that may seem special or out of place to her. The gods are the least of Diana’s worries when it comes to some of these characters.

ten Jason

Two side-by-side images of Jason from DC Comics

First appearing in 2016, Jason is actually Diana’s younger twin brother. His birth was kept a secret, as Hippolyta feared that Zeus’ wife, Hera, would become enraged at the news. He is said to be the first man to ever set foot on Themyscira and that he possesses many of the same powers and abilities as Diana herself.

You would expect Jason to be greeted with hostility or even jealousy, but Diana welcomes her brother and they help each other in many battles.

9 Galenthias

Two side-by-side images of Galinthias

Launched in 2011, Galenthias is a true figure of Greek mythology. She attempted to cheat Hera during the birth of Hercules and was punished by being turned into a cat. In the comics, she has personally let go of her human form to better serve Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft. She serves as Diana’s tutor, making sure she stays on track.

Black cats are often associated with the occult and mystical arts, and readers may associate them with figures like Zatanna or Madame Xanadu in front of a Greek demigod.

8 Ferdinand

Two cells side by side of Ferdinand from DC Comics

Ferdinand first appeared in 2003 and was inspired by the minotaur in Greek mythology. When Diana was Themyscira’s Ambassador, Ferdinand was her personal chef.

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Traditionally, the minotaur in Greek mythology is described as violent, antagonistic, and the ultimate challenge a warrior like Wonder Woman would face at the end of a journey. But by making him a leader and ally of Diana, he’s a perfect example of sidestepping expectations. He appeared at DCAU in the 2019 film, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines.

7 cheetah

Two cells side by side with Cheetah from DC Comics

Cheetah is Wonder Woman’s arch nemesis, so seeing her on this list might surprise readers. But this cheetah is not Barbara Minerva. This cheetah was a previously dead Amazon who was brought back to life by the villainous Bellona and endowed with the powers of the cheetah.

She was tasked with killing Diana, but using her Lasso of Truth, was able to explain that this cheetah had lied, and the two teamed up to stop the Morrigan, a group of evil goddesses. She is sadly killed in the confrontation.

6 Dead man

Two images of Deadman from DC Comics

Boston Brand is Deadman, a DC Comics staple and a member of many superhero teams including Justice League Dark. He has many abilities, such as the power to possess other living beings and take control of their bodies, flight, intangibility, and a vast knowledge of the dark and supernatural world.

Her origins and bizarre powers may seem unsuitable for Wonder Woman, but the two have fought side-by-side on numerous occasions with the Justice League.

5 Cyborg

Two images of Cyborg from DC Comics.

Another mainstay of the DC Comics universe is Victor Stone, aka Cyborg. He is half human, half machine, and immensely powerful. Seeing how he can manipulate and bend almost any tech to his will while still maintaining a medium punch, Cyborg is the perfect combination of brains and muscle.

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Her futuristic, digital aesthetic and sensibilities seem so at odds with the more historical and mythological world of Wonder Woman, but the two have fought together in the Justice League as teammates and friends.

4 Lennox

Lennox from DC Comics in two images side by side.

Debuting in 2012, Lennox is Zeus’ illegitimate son, making him Diana’s half-brother. He was on Earth for over 80 years and discovered his superhuman abilities during WWII.

Not only does he have military background, but he also has powers similar to Wonder Woman, including super strength and durability. Its skin is said to be practically impenetrable and as hard as a rock. This hardened man may seem at odds with Diana’s softer sensibilities, but the two get along well. He was killed the following year in 2013.

3 Myndi Mayer

Two side-by-side images of Myndi Mayer from DC Comics

Launched in 1987, Myndi Mayer is a smart, flashy woman who conspired and ultimately became the publicist for Wonder Woman. She tried to help Diana sell her message of peace and love to the masses.

Her cunning, flashy, and superficial personality clashes with Wonder Woman’s more humble and down-to-earth nature, even though Myndi was hired as Diana’s ally. After a while, Diana returns to find Myndi dead from a drug overdose. This can be seen as a warning to stay on track and avoid the tasteless lifestyle represented by Myndi.

2 Batman

Batman and Wonder Woman from DC Comics

Along with Diana, Bruce Wayne is one of the most iconic and well-known pop culture icons of all time. They served together in the Justice League and fought with each other on the comic book page, on television, and on the movie screen. But Bruce’s dark and brooding personality sometimes clashes with Diana’s.

They can be seen as polar opposites of each other, which one might say makes their frequent romantic tension undeniable. One wants to expose crimes and misdeeds in the world, and the other wants to show the light and hope that brings people together.

1 Baroness Paula Von Gunther

Two cells side by side of Baroness Paula from DC Comics

Wonder Woman’s first recurring villain, debuting in 1942, was initially a Nazi scientist and made up a lot of things for them. Diana found out that Paula’s daughter was being held hostage by the Nazis and Paula was working with them to save her life. She joined Diana on a rescue mission, rescued her daughter, and then was rehabilitated and accepted as one of the Amazons becoming their chief of science.

Wonder Woman’s first nemesis and one who works for such ultimate evil may seem like the most unlikely candidate for an Amazon friendship, but it ultimately shows Diana’s good heart.

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